Tuesday, December 7, 2021

10 must acquire skills before you leave home for college

College Skills

Are you reading this article? Well, now it's your turn to do One-to-One with daily routine. I am habitual and adjustable to these :)

#1. Time management: Alarm Clock is your biggest enemy till date, as someone is always there to tell you, hey, hurry up, it's time to go for football or you are running late for class. Learn Time Management. Do you know what is difference between Successful People and Less Successful? Highly successful people manage their time better, they put best efforts in available time to gain maximum output. DO NOT DO ANYTHING MORE, DO NOT DO ANYTHING LESS. Do it as much as it is required at optimal.
#2. Responsibility: So you don't know where you left behind your iPad last night? Well, now it's time to move and live a full life filled with challenges. From next time, remember, where is your Kindle Fire? When living away from family, nobody will tell you where are your pants? Right! :D Infuse a sense a responsibility in yourself. Next time, when you forget on something, say, Sorry to yourself. You have to do college assignments regularly before watching FIFA.

#3. Speaking / Seeking Help: Everyone speaks, even most introverts are 'cats and tigers' in front of that domestic help and siblings. Now you are going to live in a new place. You will be alien there. Perhaps, you are a most sober guy / gal in your vicinity, neighbors love you, talks about you in social gatherings, they like you. Talking is one thing, talking precisely is something called Speaking. No, you don't need to speak like a politician. Learn, how to speak with unknown people; young, old, equal your age, to an opposite gender and alike. Learn how to ask for help. When away from home everyone needs help, you are not alone.

#4. Offering Help: Perhaps you are going to live in a hostel room or PG accommodation with couple of friends. What will you do if one of your roommate go sick suddenly, late in night. You have to call emergency service or take him to nearest medical facility. Remember, when you are ready to help others, in times of crisis, many helping hands will raise for you.

#5. Shopping: Perhaps you may have purchased few games online or from nearby shop or a pair of jeans till date or non at all. When living alone there will be requirements to buy things of daily needs. You have to know how to check labels, how to know if a thing is worth of price or not and most importantly if you need that. Do not buy for your wants, buy a thing if you need it. Money matters a lot when you are away from home.

# 6. Budgeting: Irrespective of who will finance your college studies you are going to live for a fixed budget per month. Plan your budget, check your expenditures and be prepared to cut short certain expenses when required, else you will end up borrowing from friends, which is a strict no no.

# 7. Home Cleaning: Even I don't know much about this art and science. But yes, I can do, still not perfect, but my home is not unclean either. Who cleans your home now, watch the person, how he / she does? Start helping in home cleaning so you can keep your living space clean. Hygiene matters as much as Algebra! Yes, algebra is one thing, I spend most sheet of papers without reaching to a solution :)

#8. Laundry: Follow Trick No. 7. Learning by doing is best approach. I can do mine.

9. Cooking: Again follow Trick No. 7 or 8. I can cook hygienic food, don't expect yummy; you are invited to share my plate.

10. Socializing: When away from home, if your college is going to be a residential campus, you are truly blessed. But if you need to live in a PG accommodation, social manners should matter a lot. Your parents and senior friends will be of great help in this. Socializing in real world is completely upside down when compared to your Instagram or Facebook.

Note: Everything happens first in life and so living away from parents. Humans do not learn until and unless not exposed to circumstances. No one is master of the game. You will learn slowly. Perhaps, few of the suggestions you can start following now, like doing laundry or home cleaning. Slowly, you will become expert and start guiding others as I am doing it today for you through this blog post.

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