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16 Websites and Apps For Entrance Exam Preparation

Every student appears for entrance examination at some stage in life. Preparing for an entrance exam takes ample amount of time and energy. You need to with the crowd and stand out as distinct. In any entrance examination the numbers of candidates qualified is significantly less than the numbers of candidates appeared for it. Preparation matters. Irrespective of at what examination a student is writing, the level of questions asked are always high. An entrance examination tests you for 3 things. One: What you have studied in previous years. 2. Your academic aptitude, are you able to take admission in a said course for which examination is being conducted and 3. Whether you would be able to complete further course work successfully?

The questions asked in any entrance examination come from the curriculum that you studied in preceding years. However, the level questions asked are high.

This is digital age, computers, laptops and mobile devices are available in abundance. The method of learning is changing slowly. Now many best teachers prefer teaching online. Student also loves studying while sitting at home. To help in your entrance examination preparation, I gatherer 16 Website and Apps that you can use for entrance test preparation. Following given the list and web address. Through these website you can get access to Online Learning for Entrance Examination (Web based learning, App based learning, Computer Based Learning or a combination of few or all of these)

  1. Khan Academy (
  2. Lynda (
  3. TCYOnline.(
  4. WizIQ Education Online (www.wiziq)
  5. (
  6. (
  7. (
  8. Yahoo Answers (
  9. (
  10. Aakash iTutor (
  11. Brilliant Tutorials E-Tutor (
  12. SnapDeal (
  13. Flikkart (
  14. (
  15. (

Note: using these website, you also prepare for school exams, board exams, college exams, and competitive exams to obtain a job.


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