How much social media is right for you

A majority of my readers comes from age group 13 and above as nature of this blog is to train the untrained, 'the learners'. I try my best to maintain the standard of this blog suitable for everyone. A percentage of readers are also parents and teachers.

Personally, I am not a social media person and more often I need to answer new connections 'why I don't have too many followers and friends at my LinkedIn or Facebook profile. I like to keep my personal things completely personal. However, like many others I cannot completely do away with social media, part because I don't want myself to lag behind from any new knowledge and part because I need this.

Internet is the information highway leading to many digital roads, digital villages, and digital townships. Social Media is one of the those, its the new Internet. Everyone is there, some for time pass, others for learning. What's disturbing on social media is easy availability of matured content. Every social media uses filters to display content based on a user's age and interests. But then too, there are fare chances that small kids are getting enough access to unwanted content.

I am not (in)sane. I don't have reservations against social media websites or open internet. I am a big time supporter of Net Neutrality and open speech. A thing wanted for one man may be unwanted for others. I understand it this way. Garbage created by human society is collected in one place to make fertilizers from it (a must for crop production) and bio gas (energy). Can we build a decent house and live next to a place where garbage is gathered? Perhaps no. However, same garbage collection activity gives livelihood to several thousand homes in every township.

Kids are curious to know everything. They want to act like elders. #NetNeutrality  is a must, bandwidth should be available to everyone. Internet is the new basic need, but how much?

A 20 year old can eat 5 sandwiches for lunch, how many a 7 year old. Perhaps 1? Right!!!

So much much Internet a kid should consume is the question we want to ask ourselves and maintain the children's behavior regarding same.

Every parent, guardian and teacher must need to apply filters in kids' computing devices so they have access to educational content and not restricted content. The criteria may vary with age groups. You can allow 19 year old to browse everything he wishes. That's important for learning. However, kids and teens below 16 should have some restrictions. No, I am not imposing any kind of moral policing on curious minds. But I know from my experiences there should be a limit.

If you are a school going kid reading this article, ask your parents right away to install filters in your computers so you have access to only nice, cool educational content for learning and internet games for relaxation and enjoyment. Whenever you come to know about a new website, ask your parents or guardians, if its safe for browsing. If you are a parent or guardian or someone else teach social media and internet browsing behavior to kids in your house and neighborhood. Change the settings in Internet browser of your kids devices so it display only appropriate content safe for browsing.

So much social media is sufficient for everyone?

I feel:

For online learning 2-3 hours a day.
For school going kids: 2 hours weekly. 
For college students and those living away from parents: 30 minutes a day.
And if you are a social media marketer or smart kid like Mark Guberti [he is growing fast don't blame me :-)] decide your own limit.

Let's make the Internet safe information highway for everyone.

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