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Questions and Answers: An Hour of Code

An hour of code is international event held every year in December to encourage learning of computer science in students, teens and adults. Here are general questions and answers to help in organizing code event.

What is an Hour of Code?

An Hour of Code is a global event to promote learning of computer science in school children and general public. The event is celebrated every year during December 7-13 in the memory of computer science pioneer Grace Hooper. This time of the year is celebrated as Computer Science Education Week also called #CSEdWeek or #CSWeek.

The event organizers encourage everyone to take an Hour of Code. However, one can take code challenge anytime throughout the year. Currently, the code movement is reaching to millions of students across 180+ countries. You can learn code in your local language. The code challenge is available in over 30 languages. No special skills required to take the code challenge. 

Who can participate in an Hour of Code?
Any body can participate in an Hour of Code; kids, teens, grown ups, teachers, students, geeks & nerds or anybody who believe in ‘code is the future’. No age bar, anybody can write and play with code. Let your 4 year old play an Hour of Code and ask you 100+ year old granny too.

When one can organize an Hour of Code event?

December 7-13 is specific time when Computer Science Education Week is celebrated. The event organizer encourages everyone to learn, teach and organize an hour of code. There is no specific time frame, you can organize code event at most suitable hour or split the event over many hours. Also you can organize the code event throughout the year. Whether you are student, teacher, young professional, a non profit or a large company, organize code event, learn to code and encourage others.

Why computer science is essential? 
This century is driven by computers and virtual intelligence. To make pace with the world and develop the self and the society, learning codes is essential for everyone. Encourage children in your vicinity to write an hour of code during Computer Science Education Week in memory of Grace Hooper. However, you can encourage learning of codes throughout the year.

How an individual can start teaching an Hour of Code?

The educators and people who care for the development of community can start teaching an Hour of Code anytime. However, to celebrate computer science education week you can kick off the event during December 7-13. Only simple Sign Up required to host an Hour of Code

How to teach one Hour of Code?
Sign up to host an Hour of Code during Dec. 7-13. Promote your Hour of Code and encourage others to host.

Here is an YouTube Video for your Education

I understand code but sort of teaching ideas. How can I organize a code event?
You are awesome! Those who have zeal to make a difference always can find a way. Here is resource to teach an hour of code 

How can I encourage students to take part in an Hour of Code activity?
It’s not difficult to gather even least interested children, young and adults in the vicinity and show them some visuals. Computers are talk of the hour and people want to learn. Whether you are educator, software engineer, student, marketer or someone else, you can encourage everyone to join your free an Hour of Code activity. Next, for higher engagement, play an Hour of Code Videos

How can I encourage girls to take part in an Hour of Code event?

Girls are more interested in learning code and study of computer science. Here is link for Code Girls

Where to find study material related code?
To create more engagement and learning here are code lessons

Whether an Hour of Code participant shall get any recognition?
Definitely, there are many giveaways. To encourage students and other participants you can distribute "I did an Hour of Code!" stickers and award certificates. Also, you can distribute custom t-shirts 

Is there any reward for Hour of Code event organizers?
Yes, everyone, who enroll as organizer for an Hour of Code event before December 7-13 is eligible to receive Thank You Gift ($10 to, iTunes or Windows Store). The $10K hardware prize is limited to US residents only. Link to Prizes page

Are there any vacancies available for promotion of an Hour of Code event?
There are no paid positions. But you can apply as volunteer for an Hour of Code event  

How can I donate towards an Hour of Code campaign?

Thank you for your sweet concerns. Please DONATE

I want to learn code, and teach other, where to go?


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