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ISCI GST Webinar

Goods and Services Tax (GST) has made loads of news, fake news, promises and disappointments since years. Since it is imposed by government everyone generating money need to pay GST. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is going to conduct a Webinar on GST for CS Students. The Webinar is scheduled at 10 am on January 5, 2019. Here is Official ICSI Press Release

QS World MBA Tour India

The QS World MBA Tour is reaching to New Delhi and Mumbai in May 2018. In this student fair MBA aspirants will get an opportunity to meet representatives of MBA Schools from across the world. The fair present a great chance to know about MBA programs, attend GRE and GMAT seminars and network with Alumni.
You can attend QS World MBA Tour in New Delhi on 24 May 2018. Meanwhile in Mumbai the QS World MBA Tour will be organized on 27 May 2018

Register for QS World MBA Event, New Delhi
Register for QS World MBA Event, Mumbai


Let's promise to finish gender divide this Republic Day

26 January is a big festival.  When India celebrates world watches.  Rajpath in New Delhi welcomes guests in style.  Army,  Navy,  Indian Force shows its strength.  Children sing National Anthem.  VIP,  VVIPs and public gathers in the lawns of India Gate for the party. Police forces has loads of security arrangements to do. 26 Jan is national holiday,  eyes are glued on television and youtube.  Media gets hot news for TRP. And all this ends in few hours often listening heroic stories.
The big question is,  is this national event so small.  Why every year message end o  the same note? Why we not give a message of change to our children?
Children are the torch bearer.  They become doctor because we tell them they can earn money from this profession. Children become parents because we tell them raising kids is important for life. Children become politician because we tell them politicians are powerful. The list is endless.
What we ask for our children do when we convey a positive message.
If our message is so powerful why we not tell our girls that they are human,  has equal rights and responsibilities.  Why we not tell our boys that they are not superior but equal.
Charity begins from home.  We ask in homes for a glass of water from girls but why we not ask our boys to help in car wash?
There should be a clear message in our homes that girls have caring hands,  they are designed by nature to do tasks that require much care.  That's why we ask for a glass of water from daughters.  Car wash require little rough hands so help is expected from boys.
Do not believe in my words,  on a Sunday,  ask for car wash from your Son,  next time ask for it from your daughter,  I am pretty sure she will do better job.
Better worker need better reward. Else they leave the job and company suffers losses not the other less better worker.
Human society is like a company,  everyone has a role,  it's our responsibility to trap the potential of every individual and make good of it.  We can make it possible by making small changes in our homes,  offices,  schools,  societies and playfields.
Gender divide is an epidemic,  it's eating silently our true potential,  we cannot leave behind world's half population and grow.
For a true growth we need to make real changes. And we can make it happen through positive messages.
Let's start this change now.
Happy Republic Day.

Google Science Fair 2016

Science makes the world better? Galileo invented telescope and we can see things far away in the space near us. Thomas Jefferson invented light bulb and now we use LEDs. Abdul Kalam worked on missiles and now India is self reliant in the fields of military technology. Larry Page and Sergey Brin innovated Google and now internet is a possibility even in Sahara Desert.

Inventions lead to innovations and inventions does not happen without challenges. Children need to be exposed to challenges and risks from early childhood. Of course risk should NOT be life threatening or harmful to children in any manner. Curious minds learn through challenges and children are better curious.

Questions and Answers: An Hour of Code

An hour of code is international event held every year in December to encourage learning of computer science in students, teens and adults. Here are general questions and answers to help in organizing code event.

What is an Hour of Code?

An Hour of Code is a global event to promote learning of computer science in school children and general public. The event is celebrated every year during December 7-13 in the memory of computer science pioneer Grace Hooper. This time of the year is celebrated as Computer Science Education Week also called #CSEdWeek or #CSWeek.

Computer Science Education Week December 7-13, 2015

Let's celebrate the Birth of Grace Hooper with an Hour of Code!

World is celebrating Computer Science Education Week (December 7-13, 2015) with An Hour of Code in the memory of Computer Science Pioneer Grace Hooper. Born on December 9, 1906, she has the honor to serve to United States Navy in the capacity of Rear Admiral. Her full name was Grace Brewster Murray Hopper. Murray died on January 1, 1992 at the age of 85.

CSEdWeek 2015
Hour of Code