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How to of LinkedIn for Job Seekers

The LinkedIn is social media platform for hiring managers, job seekers and hiring consultants. Whether, you are just passed out of college or working but looking for change, an impressive LinkedIn profile could manage a dream job for you. There is huge crowd of job seekers inside LinkedIn, you need to get found in the search results. Here are Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Portfolio

Take A Vanity URL: A vanity url in LinkedIn look like this: This is my LinkedIn page and first two initials are my name while latter part represents my work. Looks cool but wrong in practice; I did that because I made it for passion and out of passion. It meets my requirements. You do not. Your purpose is getting interview calls; take a name that is entered in your academic record, company attendance register etc. and that’s super cool. People can remember you better in your name.

Imagine someone getting across my profile then made a call asking ‘may I speak to dkdissects?’ Hilarious, isn’t it???

Upload A Professional Snapshot: Are you cody? Ts and Jeans are ok, include a professional looking photograph clearly displaying your shoulder and head (A passport size photograph will do). Your’s would be employer want to see you before making that special call for interview.

Deserve It: Status updates are cool. Do not post; I need a job for any salary. Stay alert, keep looking for employers and job vacancies and be quick in writing applications. To stay active and connected you can post useful updates, like what you read today or what you code. You always can say, Got a Job offer Tesla Motors, going to meet Elon Musk next week or month. Do not lie. Only real updates, some quotes or little fun is OK. Mind the Gap, LinkedIn is social media for employers and employee.

Make An Attentive Headline: ‘I am Full Stack Developer looking for a change.’ I am Rail Developer looking for new job. Or ‘I am management graduate looking to join a finance firm’. Your headline should tell the hiring managers, your story. They scan through thousands of profiles everyday. If you won’t be able to say in headline perhaps nobody will notice you. Must include your skills in heading zone; this works as keyword for search robot. Recruiters search for skills not people by name. Web Development is a skill set; take the details to body of the profile page.

Fill The Summary: Nobody has time to read across every resume / profile. Sum Up yourself. It should not be too shot and not too long. A LinkedIn Summary should show clearly, who you are and what you are looking for? Personally I think a Summary of up to 250 Characters will do the job. In this section try to include all important keywords and skills (only primary skills and primary keywords are recommended).

Get Recommendations: Earn them; connect with your college professors, project managers of current and previous companies (if you have them), classmates and colleagues. Best recommendations shall come from the people who know you closely.

Connect: Build your network of people over LinkedIn. Offer help through status updates, like you can conduct a code class for neighborhood kids every Sunday and announce the event via LinkedIn. Or publish a Linkedin blog post. Curate content across LinkedIn, give like, post comments and share on your timeline. Get known to build strong network of people.

Share Great Content: Do something out of the box. How was football match past night you watched or to who you want to be next Miss Universe? When you speak out of the box it shows your creative side.

Say Thanks: Small gestures counts a lot. 50 solid connections are way far better than 500+ bad connections. Say thanks when someone connect to you, give recommendations or write a comment on your posts. Build stronger bonds. Today you are on linkedin for job, tomorrow you will be there with your Start Up idea and may be to sell a product. Bonding matters more than number of connections on your profile.


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