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Q&As: Software Testing Jobs for ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Professionals

A reader asked, ‘I am from India; I did my degree in Computer Science & Engineering can I get software testing job on the basis of ISTQB Foundation Level Certification?

Well, as far as I know Software Testing / Application Testing is integral part of BE / B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering curriculum across all Engineering Colleges in India. Subject matter also makes part of Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering, BCA, MCA etc. The level of techniques taught and applications / environments worked varied from course to course. If you already have acquired a degree qualification in Computer Science & Engineering or equivalent and passionate about debugging and testing you can apply for a software tester job. 

To become good tester knowledge of debugging is vital; you need to know how to correct a program. When you know how to debug a program together with how to find flaws in it, this helps a lot in climbing the ladder. Some day, from a tester job, you can move to a position to team lead and as high as of web architect.

There are many computer languages and developments in which applications are written and developed. Find a suitable opportunity that mentions the skills you have learnt. Though in theory, anyone can become software tester, but in practice, you need skills. Following skills are mandatory for a success application tester. Yes, you heard right, you not only require to win the interview but also to help development team efficiently.

High Level of English Proficiency- Computer codes are written in binary but the way we instruct computers to work and show results is English (many other language also included). Since software codes and test results shall appear in English, you need to be good with English language. Without language you won’t be able to understand what developer / programmer has instructed in the code files.

Proficiency in Computer Languages: ANSI C is machine language. HTML is language of the of the web applications. CSS is for styling. Though anyone can be a tester, but you need to have basic knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc including new technologies. Also you need to have knowledge of the language in which a program is written. Candidates comfortable with codes can learn basics of any new language within very short span of time. If you are fresher, your employer will provide you basic training around development environment.

Knowledge of Development Environment: In what environment software developed; Red Hat Linux, Windows, JAVA or is it written in Rail? The knowledge of development environment helps you in having good control while testing the program and making instructions for debugging. Here also English plays a big role.

Team Worker: Any software application is not the effort of one man. Designer, Developer, Programmer, Tester, Web Architect and Marketers all have equal say in development of a program. You need to be a good team player. Generally, good listeners are good team players.

Ability to Handle Pressure: Deadlines are always there as well as customers’ expectations. The success of a program highly depends on how efficiently team player works. Pressure is obvious every now and then. You need to be patient while checking massive lines of codes and writing instructions for developers and programmers. 

So those are some traits to become a software tester.

Now coming to your main point: ‘If I get testing job on the basis of foundation level examination?

Whether you will get a job or not shall depend on three factors: 
  1. If employer is looking for the skills you have (Detailed Syllabus for ISTQB Foundation Level Examination), 
  2. If you qualify in the examinations conducted by would be employer, both written tests and interviews and 
  3. The bounty per month you ask for, (many employers have pre set criteria for this).

On the basis of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Foundation Level Qualification you can apply for those testing jobs where similar level of proficiency is mandatory. Whether you will win the interview or not shall depend on your skills.

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