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List of Computer & IT Jobs and Definitions

Computers and Information Technology (IT) are often blamed to take away jobs of millions of workers. However, these fellows built of silicon and plastic created many jobs too.

Both Computers and Information Technology (IT) play specific role in today's society. World over, men and women work with computers and make living. Ability to work with computers is primary requirements with many businesses and government organizations. We see computers everywhere and persons sitting behind those screens feeding data. Here given list of Computer & IT Jobs

Q&As: Software Testing Jobs for ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Professionals

A reader asked, ‘I am from India; I did my degree in Computer Science & Engineering can I get software testing job on the basis of ISTQB Foundation Level Certification?

Well, as far as I know Software Testing / Application Testing is integral part of BE / B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering curriculum across all Engineering Colleges in India. Subject matter also makes part of Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering, BCA, MCA etc. The level of techniques taught and applications / environments worked varied from course to course. If you already have acquired a degree qualification in Computer Science & Engineering or equivalent and passionate about debugging and testing you can apply for a software tester job. 

To become good tester knowledge of debugging is vital; you need to know how to correct a program. When you know how to debug a program together with how to find flaws in it, this helps a lot in climbing the ladder. Some day, from a tester job, you can move to a position to team lead and as high as of web architect.

Are you a Software Engineer and looking for job, work with Tesla Motors

Elon Musk is hiring. 

Are you a Software Engineer, and need a job? Whether you are experienced or fresher who just come out college, if you love writing long lines of codes, the Tesla Motors is looking for a team of Software Engineers. The CEO Tesla Motors, Elon Musk will personally interview the candidates. As part of Tesla's Auto Pilot project you will directly report to Mr. Musk. No prior knowledge in cars required to apply for this job.

Want to apply???

How Find A Job At NASSCOM?

Are you a Under Graduate / Post Graduate / MBA / Ph.D Degree degree holder / Experienced Professional / Ambitous Human Being and looking for job / job change / excel in career path.

Join NASSCOM - the National Association of Software and Services Companies, enjoy handsome salary package and honour of working for the national cause. The NASSCOM recruits talented professionals from all walks of life to serve to different departments, viz; engineering. management, marketing, finance and administration etc.