National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)

The NIOS is ray of hope for those who cannot afford attending regular school. Personally I a great advocate of Open Schooling so no child left behind without education. Humans need to learn through out life and open education is bliss. Here I don’t mean to behind every other format of education and promote open education but promote open education system so those who are left behind may acquire it. Education is fundamental right of every human born on the planet Earth.

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is one such a great initiative in the directions of educating the deserving. This is a board which prepares, promote and implement education practices through Open System of Schooling. If you are someone living in India tell people in neighborhood about NIOS. Educate them, motivate them and teach them so than be like you in near future the educated being.

The NIOS was established under National Policy on Education (NPE) framework in 1986 in 1989. The board comes under the purview of Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) of Government of India.

The NIOS offers following educational program
Sr. Secondary
Open Basic Education (OBE): Children below 14 years of age and adults above 14 years of age who lag behind in basic education can join this program. This program is offered at three levels

OBE level A : equivalent to class I-III
OBE level B : equivalent to class IV-V
OBE level C : equivalent to class VI-VIII

Vocational Education: Everyone needs a skill to get a job and make living. Vocational Education Training (VET) is answer to those looking for employment. Many course both short term and long term are offered in this category.

Life Enrichment

Life Skills Programme: Pregnancies are unwanted, STD is not uncommon and Gender Discrimination is huge and widespread academic.  The NIOS offers many programs to enhance the life status of people deprived of education.

The certificates awarded by NIOS are valued as equivalent as certificate awarded by any other board in the country. For exclusive details about a particular program you can visit NIOS official website or ask me a question here. I will try my best to offer you best possible solution in the best of my knowledge and capacities.

No I am not education agent of NIOS and no official relations. Same like you do, I will scan through NIOS website and will answer your queries.

The NIOS Courses are offered in English, Hindi and Urdu Medium. Secondary courses are also offered in Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam and Oriya.

Candidates interested in studying through NIOS can apply for admission online. The NIOS website clearly states that no agencies are authorized to take extra money for admission. And that’s a good thing. Filling online admission form is simple and easy.

Also would be learners can apply for NIOS through regional offices. To find a NIOS Office near you log on to

Also you can call to Toll Free Number 1800 180 9393 or Email to

Download Detailed Program Guide

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