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20 Source Code Hosting Facilities for Computer Science Students

Are you computer student looking for Internship, Job or Placement.Or you want to write code for fun? Hiring managers want to peep inside your codes before truly setting date and time for Interview with you. The way you write codes matters to your new employer. Being a computer science students, for you its mandatory requirement to send link of your codes along with CV to hiring managers. Also you must mention your code project links on LinkedIn Portfolio, and other Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. The code hosting facilities mentioned here are used by computer science students, contract workers and IT companies across the world. Of these some of absolutely free, but some offer free service for limited time only then ask for payment.
For students who completing a degree in computer science its best to chose for a free code hosting facility. However, if you are in college and looking to make your first computer start up, you can go for premium services. Whether are or premium that's completely your choice. Here goes the list

20 Source Code Hosting Facilities; Free and Premium

Alioth: The Alioth is a Fusion Forge venture started in 2003 for development of free software and free documentation. Its run by the Debian Project. To get access to Alioth log on to

Assembla: Assembla Source Code Repository is used by more than 800 000 people in over 100 countries. Its available in English, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese. To get access to Assembla facilities log on to

Beanstalk: Its a Wildbit venture started in 2007 and based in Philadelphia.Using Beanstalk Facilities is free for 2 weeks while for more you need to chose for premium version. To access Beanstalk Facilities log on to

Betavine: Its managed by Vodafone Group. You can find here Open Source like Betavine Forge to create and collaborate source code with fellow classmates. To access Betavine facilities log on to

Bitbucket: The Bitbucket Source Code Repository started in 2008 is available in following languages: English, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese. Its written using Python and Django Web Framework. To get access log on to

CloudForge: Started in 2012, the CloudForge is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product for application development. To get access log on to

CodePlex: This is a Microsoft venture launched in 2006 for hosting, sharing and collaboration of code projects. The AJAX Control Toolkit was hatched inside CodePlex repository. Its was a joint effort of Community and Mocrosoft. To get access log on to

If you are a computer science student looking for Internship or Job around Microsoft Technologies like ASP.NET i recommend you to host source code on CodePlex.

Fedora Hosted: As the name suggest, its a Fedora Project and Sponsored by Red Hat Inc. You can host your code project here and share with fellow community of developers and programmers. To get access log on to

Freepository: The Freepository is hub of source code hosting for individuals, small groups, universities and small and big companies. It's feature rich and excellent in source code management according to Construction of an Evaluation Model for Free/Open Source Project Hosting Sites, Haggen Hau Heng So, RMIT University, Sept 2005. To get access log on to

GIT Hub: This one is my personal favorite. Launched in 2008, this repository is has more than 11 million users and over 29.4 million repositories. The GIT Hub Student Developer Pack is a program offered by the GIT Hub where students can get free access to popular development tools and services. To get access log on to

GitLab: Don't confuse with GIT Hub. It's GIT Lab written in Ruby Programming Language. It has more than 700 contributors and used by over 100 000 companies. To get access log on to

Google Developers: Its a Google Repository started in 2005 for community of developers. You can find here codes for all Google APIs like  Google Maps, Google Earth, AdSense, Adwords, Google Apps and YouTube etc. To get access log on to

JavaForge: Here you can host projects related related web hosting, document management, wiki, forum, online chat, issue tracking integrated with optional Git, Mercurial or Subversion revision control. To get access log on to

Launchpad: I like it. Its highly popular for hosting open source projects and software development. Launched in January 2004 by Cannoical Ltd, now its hub of more than 30000 source code projects. To get access log on to 

OSDN: Its open source repository similar in features like To get access log on to

Ourproject.Org: Host here for free your social, cultural and artistic projects. To get access log on to

SourceForge.Net: Crated by VA Software and launched in 1999, the SourceForge is widely popular popular platform to host code projects and build simple to sophisticated software programs. Its most loved among community of software developers and programmers. I am sure you will love to work with SourceForge. To get access log on to

Tigris.Org: You can host here codes related web hosting, mailing lists, issue tracking, wiki, download, and revision control with Subversion or Concurrent Versions System (GNU CVS). To get access log on to

Visual Studio Online: Its a Microsoft Product to host codes and build software applications. If you are passionate about working with windows environment log on to Its supported by Team Foundation Servers (TFS)

All the repositories mentioned here are used by students, freelance computer programmers, universities, schools & research institutes and by small, medium and large scale enterprises. If you are a computer science student and looking to get Internship or Job you can use of these repositories to host your source code and show project link on your Curriculum Vitae.

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