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List of Universities in Denmark

Pursuing University Education from a foreign country is a dream of many students. Sometimes its a particular course that attracts Internationa candidates and sometimes its just a plain wish to catch a first flight to foreign shores and learn in a completely different settings. The Universities in Denmark provides higher education in different academic areas, viz; Arts; Humanities; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Computer Science, Architecture, Medicine etc. To help students of International community who wish to migrate to Denmark for any reasons whether as a choice or compulsion here given list of Universities in Denmark.

  1. University of Aarhus, in Aarhus 
  2. University of Aalborg, in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen (Ballerup) 
  3. University of Copenhagen, in Copenhagen 
  4. Roskilde University, in Roskilde 
  5. University of Southern Denmark, in Odense, Kolding, Esbjerg, S√łnderborg and Slagelse 
  6. Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen  
  7. Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen 
  8. IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen 
  9. Danish University of Education, Copenhagen

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