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Sweden: A Hot Education Destination For International Students

Are you looking towards Sweden for studying abroad? Well, you are on the right track. But before packing your bags perhaps you will like to know about Sweden. So can concentrate on planning I am bringing out information of every country where prospective students can visit Sweden is one of my favorite destination for many reasons and one particular reason you are going to know in the below paragraphs Let's Know Sweden as a tourist destination.

About Sweden

The Alfred Bernhard Nobel lived here! Reason enough you should visit Sweden the Mecca the discoveries and learn from there. Whether world will accept Sweden as Meccas of Discoveries or not but I am pretty sure, the chemist, engineer, scientist, innovator and armament manufacture will be regarded in the world history as the creator and the driving force behind development in science and engineering.

Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden lies is located over Northern Europe. Its capital is Stockholm.  People of Sweden have to vote and elect government's representative. The country is a parliamentary democracy. The Roksdag is the representing authority of Swedish people at national level. Sweden held general elections every 4 years. The King or Queen of Sweden is the Head of the State but the position is symbolic only. The Head of the state has no political powers. Sweden is a Member State of European Union.

In terms of size Sweden is 978 miles long and 310 miles wide. Neighbors to Sweden are Finland to the north and northeast, Gulf of Bothnia to the east, Baltic Sea to the southeast, the Ă–resund, the Kattegat, and the Skagarrak to the southwest, and Norway to the west. Climate in Sweden is maritime and affected by  western airstreams and warm north Atlantic. The Capital Stockholm records temperature as low as average -3 in February and some 18 degree an average in July.  More than half of the Swedish geography is covered with forests. The orchids are protected in the Sweden. More tan 80% Swedish population belongs to the Church of Sweden. If you love wildlife go an see Moose, which happen to be the largest deer in the world.  2 meters in height and weight around 400 to 500 Kg. People from different parts of the world come to see, stay, study and work in Sweden. It's your turn now.

Visa Requirements To Study In Sweden

International Students require to apply for a Visa to study in Sweden. The common minimum requirements to apply for a Sweden student visa are:

Accepted by a college / university in Sweden to pursue a Full Time Course.
Possess required eligibility certificates to take admission in one such.
Hold a valid Passport for the intended period of stay.
Proof of income or sufficient means to support studies in Sweden
Health Certificate issued by a competent hospital from the home country.
Candidates holding above documents may apply for Visa with nearest Foreign Mission Office of Sweden in the home country.
Sweden also welcomes candidates for part time studies, log term studies like research programs and training programs etc. For detailed visa requirements for different level of studies you are advised to check with Official Website of Swedish Government.

List of Universities in Sweden

Sweden @ A Glance

Capital: Stockholm

Largest City: Stockholm

Official languages: Swedish

Demonym: Swedish, Swede

Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Total Area:
175,896 sq mi

9,858,794 January 2016 Estimates

Swedish krona (SEK)

Time zone:

Summer (DST) – CEST (UTC+2)

Date format: yyyy-mm-dd

Drives on the: right

Calling code: 46

Internet TLD:

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