Top 7 destinations to study nursing abroad

Patient care give you satisfaction two ways; one, you are always in demand professional, two it give you satisfaction to take care for the needy and sick. Some qualities that makes a qualified nursing are humbleness, feeling the pain of needy and sick and willingness to work tirelessly in very tensed situations. Only above listed traits are not enough. To take true care you need professional certification. If you are the one who feel pain of others and have willingness to heal people from pain and see them smile nursing is right profession for you.
Nursing colleges teaching degree, diploma and post graduate courses are spread across the globe. You can join any, But going abroad for a nursing program makes correct choice. Two reasons; one, by the time a person is ready to pursue a program like nursing he / she is in his / her most productive year of life, full of energy and capable to learn many things; two when you pursue a course from overseas you not only get an International degree but also learn a lot from different cultural prospective. Please mind the gap, foreigners learn saying Namaste when they visit a country like India.

I was not able to fly overseas for a course but you do not miss a chance. In my opinion everyone should fly atleast once and its better if it’s for a course, it gives you extra benefits as in a campus you meet to people from different geographies and you learn a lot.

To help in pursuing a nursing qualification from abroad here are top 7 destinations

#1. Cyprus

Cyprus makes top education destination for international students willing to fly for a course in Nursing. Cyprus is well known tourist destination and higher education destination in the Europe. Also this country imparts world class education at affordable prices and hence proves a blessings to those tight on budget or rely heavily on scholarships or part time jobs. Living cost in Cyprus is low when compared to other European nations.

#2. United Kingdom in short UK

The nursing colleges across United Kingdom offer world class higher education in Nursing. Earn a degree, diploma, or post graduate program here from one of the reputed college. Bonus is when you are in a UK campus you meet people from many geographies which is truly fun. This gives you International exposure in finding a good connection which may turn a reference too.

#3. Canada

I call Canada a US suburb no offense. Study cost in Canada is less when compared to destinations like Australia, UK or Australia etc. Everyone wants to fly to USA and see White House so do you. When you are in Canada you can easily make best of your vacations in the United States. You can learn here health care skills in English or French. For Indian students I recommend to obtain a nursing certificate in English instead of trying French if you are novice into it.

#4. South Africa

South Africa, a great nation made by the struggles of greats like Nelson Mandela has some best institutes in the world to offer nursing diploma, degree, and certificates. You can learn best nursing care skills here at affordable prices. Living cost and tuition cost is less in South Africa in comparison to UK or USA etc.

#5. Australia

In my days, study Australia was a craze among Indian students. Passion is still alive but sound is not that loud because students also now more open to travel to other destinations like Cyprus or Canada etc. The colleges in Australia offers best nursing degree, diploma and certificate programs in the world. Tuition fee is not very high but affordable here. Indian students may find Australia like a home away from home. People of Indian origin are found here in different professions.

#6. Bulgaria

Do you want to earn a degree course in Nursing at affordable prices? Bulgaria can make your best choice. Tuition cost and living cost is comparatively low here. It’s a nation of European Union. No, you won’t be a nomad here. Students from everywhere in the world fly to Bulgaria for study. You will make many friends and learn in international settings.

#7. Lithuania
University of Health Sciences in Lithuania is one of the major educational institutes in the country for imparting nursing program. To study in Lithuania, you need to have proficiency in English language. Also there are many other colleges and schools offering nursing courses. You will make many International connections here. Students from all over the world fly to Lithuania for taking a nursing program.

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