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Study Medicine in the US

Medicine is most rewarding profession in the world. The respect that medical doctors get everywhere in the world is overwhelming. A medical professional is required everywhere, be it peace or war, birth or death. A healthy society is essential for human development and national growth and doctors ensures that.

Choosing medicine as a career option requires not only excellence in academia but also the willingness to take care for the sick and the needy. Without doubt medicine is a lucrative profession but everyone seeking a lucrative career cannot pursue it. Zeal to wear those jackets is necessary and very few can make to that point.

Pursuing a course in medicine from United States is highly challenging but those passionate about it, do it successfully. Once you graduated from a medical school in the United States, you have certificate to help the needy and sick people both inside health institutions and outside too. The course curriculum taught in the US medical schools requires hard work dedication and commitment but the reward of that work is well paying job, good social strata and a medal of pride.

Application Procedure for US Medical Schools

You require a 4 year bachelor’s degree to written application of an US medical school. Minimum eligibility criteria may differ from school to school. Generally medical colleges in the US require bachelors degree in Biology, General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry. Also some schools may ask for qualification in English, Mathematics and Sciences as well. Check for minimum eligibility criteria with your medical school you are interested in.

Score in MCAT i.e. Medical College Admissions Test is mandatory requirement while writing application for US Medical Schools. The test measures candidates’ scientific knowledge and ability to complete medical education in the US settings. A good MCAT score is mandatory while writing application for US medical colleges.

International Students applying for Private US Medical Colleges may require paying high fees. As medical schools put all funding towards those aspirants who are local residents. This is done to ensure that there should be enough of medical professionals available in the area.

What to Expect from US Medical Schools

Medical Colleges in the United States teaches a 4 year medical course then candidates need to undergo for 3 to 7 year residency program. International students who feel for need of additional training or want to sub-specialize can pursue fellowship program of 1 to 4 year duration. 

Studying medical course in a US college is full time activity. Classes are followed by theoretical lectures, laboratory experiments and clinical rotation. The time spent on clinical rotation increase towards completion of medical degree course. In the first year students are subjects like anatomy, histology, pathology and biochemistry etc. Students are required to perform dissection of animal bodies to know how the real human body works. Classes are oriented so to make candidates comfortable with the sick people.

Candidates who successfully completes medical course from a US Medical School require appearing for United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). The test is distributed over three parts. Generally first part is held after 2 years of medical education, second part after 4 years of medical education and third part after residency program.

Who is Right Candidate for the US Medial Degree

Anyone is fit who have a bachelor’s degree of 4 years duration in sciences and MCAT score. Studying medicine in the US is highly challenging. You need to put 4 more years after graduation to obtain a degree in medicine. Cost is high when compared to other under graduate courses. A candidate who can spend additional 4 years, afford to pay high fees and after all can put efforts to learn and qualify in US medical settings is ideal to apply for US medical colleges.


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