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Know which US job suits you

Are you looking for a job in United States but confused which career to chose? You are not alone. Everyone get loads of confusion when chosing a career. Sometime you want to chose one but cannot because of certain compulsions.
Like in my case, I work as digital marketer, but also look after SEO and content development. Reason is pretty simple, for marketing content is required, people need good content and not your face only. SEO is important for sending content to right audience. As compulsion I juggle between three. Anyway that is my story.
Coming to the main point which job suits you?
In my opinion a job is suitable to you if you enjoy doing it.
With one qualification you can do many jobs, your qualification is suitable to apply for different portfolio.
When chosing a job, do not count on money, instead count on growth. No, I am not denying the power of money, but when growth is there, money follows itself.
You need to know your job on various parameters, like salary, job satisfaction, growth prospects etc.
To help people in chosing a job in United States CareerOneStop.Com offer Compare Occupations tool. Using this tool you can differentiate between jobs and chose your career better.
Hope that helps.

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