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When I started searching for job, the first question thrown on me was, ‘do you have any work experience’, heck, how may I have prior experience when I am fresher and looking for my first job. I was na├»ve, nobody was there guide me, and I was never aware, whatever small jobs I did in the past may count towards my work experience. So you do not stuck in a similar situations I am going to tell you here some work experience options hope you will find helpful.

Education and Job Fairs
In every city and B towns across India education and job fairs are held. You can volunteer in such events and help the new comers looking for a decent education or job. Such events will give you industry exposure. You can meet new employers, know about new careers and may get some recommendations. And if you are lucky perhaps you can make some money too. Tea and coffee is always free. You can add this experience in your resume. Events are great ways to build your network.

Various competitions are held across institutions. You can join some and may prove your skills. It could be a math competition or cooking competition but when you compete for something it hones your skills. Yours would be employer consider such even small achievements as a plus. 

Extracurricular activities
Join societies and clubs of your college / university. Be an active member. PARTICIPATE. Also you can write column for college magazine or become editor. Many activities held across campus, you need to find suitable one and be part of it.
Get involved in university clubs, sports and societies and strengthen your CV while pursuing an interest you love. Some universities offer employability awards that validate this kind of experience. The more committed you are, the more you’ll gain from it.

Freelance work
You can look for work from home / freelance work / part time work over sites like, oDesk, etc. There are many job sites that provide you freelance work. Most popular freelance work are related to journalism or design related jobs but not limited to. These days online tutoring is also common. You can teach students over skype like network and make some money. You can show Freelance work in your resume which will count as work experience. Also a client may become good recommendation for you and may be hire you on regular role.

Gap year
Year after year you are proceeding from one class to another. Whether you are bored and want to go for adventure or planning and overseas trip to learn something new, your employer for sure will like your adventurous attitude. Make best use of your gap years.

Industrial placements
You can find one year internship opportunity in an industry relevant to your career. Many companies pay only stipend but learning will add to your resume as work experience. Some employers also hire students for a month or two, you can do such jobs during summer or winter breaks. Summer Internship is one good way to gain industry experience.

Be an Intern. Many industry employers hire fresher candidates as Intern. And if you are a performer chances are you will get hired by the same company. Or else internship experience will add to your resume. During internship, you will also build good industry connections.

Part-time jobs
Job at a cafeteria or petrol pump is good to learn teamwork skills and customer interaction. Employers look for team players and those good in human management. Such experience will be a plus when looking for a full time job.

Work For Free
This is called work shadowing in US and UK etc. Find a professional in your relevant and request him / her to accept you as assistant for free may be for a week or month. Professionals are always busy. You need to catch up with them. But learning with experts is great way to build your resume. Also they prove good recommendations.

You can find NGOs and volunteers with one for school kids, to help women or elderly or just for a social cause like environmental awareness. On the one hand you will spend your time for a cause on the other hand it will add as work experience in your resume.

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