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Reddit is looking for Software Engineer Intern and more

Reddit, popular Social Networking Site looking for Fresh University Graduates for the position of Software Engineer. Also company is looking to recruit Software Engineer Intern. If you are someone staying in United States nearby Reddit, looking for a job or job change, perhaps this is a good opportunity. There are many available positions and many permanent roles with various departments.  If you wish to apply, here is official hiring page of Reddit

How to find internship with Paytm

If Paytm is coming your college for interns selection, well and good. If not then too you can apply for internship with Paytm. Paytm Payment Bank is formerly inaugurated by India's Finance Minister in Delhi. Buzz is that, the Paytm will be hiring huge human resources so as to start functioning across the country.  Here are couple of ways to know about hiring in Paytm

Join Naukri with

Who don't want to work with best employers in the industry? Of course everyone wants. Benefits of working with industry leaders is having a rich portfolio which further helps in building a business. In India when we look for job boards, we find many websites where latest jobs are posted by employers and recruiters. And is a leader in providing you different job options to apply.

Work Experience Options

When I started searching for job, the first question thrown on me was, ‘do you have any work experience’, heck, how may I have prior experience when I am fresher and looking for my first job. I was na├»ve, nobody was there guide me, and I was never aware, whatever small jobs I did in the past may count towards my work experience. So you do not stuck in a similar situations I am going to tell you here some work experience options hope you will find helpful.

Jobs At McKinsey & Company

Working with company is great but with a company that give you opportunities to work with multiple employers is even greater. If you are someone who work best under pressure then McKinsey makes great employer for you. As you know McKinsey is a Business Consulting Firm, they help business grow in size and revenue, when you join McKinsey most of the time you will be working with the world's topmost CEOs and Business Managers in fulfilling their dreams.

20 Source Code Hosting Facilities for Computer Science Students

Are you computer student looking for Internship, Job or Placement.Or you want to write code for fun? Hiring managers want to peep inside your codes before truly setting date and time for Interview with you. The way you write codes matters to your new employer. Being a computer science students, for you its mandatory requirement to send link of your codes along with CV to hiring managers. Also you must mention your code project links on LinkedIn Portfolio, and other Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. The code hosting facilities mentioned here are used by computer science students, contract workers and IT companies across the world. Of these some of absolutely free, but some offer free service for limited time only then ask for payment.

Grab Internship Opportunity With LinkedIn India

Everyone want to work with a Top Employer. However, few get the privilege to reach inside that one cubical. Definition of top employer could vary, but one thing is common for all, 'Job Satisfaction'. Any company whether its in Forbes' List or not  could make top employer for its workers, given it takes care for the holistic well being of  people who work for the company.

Earn Internship At TCS

The Tata consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the top technology company in India and the world. The company recruits college fresher to work with various departments, products and services. Currently TCS has two arms: 1. IT – Information Technology and 2. BPS – Business Process Sourcing. If your college has a placement cell, chances are TCS recruiters will visit your campus for placement. In otherwise case, you can directly apply for Intern Position at TCS IT or BPS given your college is accredited with TCS. Join TCS

University Students Earn Internship At Facebook

Are you a Business School Graduate or passed out of a Engineering, Technology and Design College? If you are looking for Internship opportunity at one of the best technology in the World, apply for Internship at Facebook. An experience from a company like Facebook will land you best job offer in the industry. Many opportunities are open.

Earn Internship With Yahoo India

Are you college student looking for Internship opportunities? Whether you are from Engineering and Technology or any different, Yahoo India offers Internship opportunities for graduating students. Needless to say Yahoo is International Technology Company and has Headquarters in Silicone Valley California. For obvious reasons opportunities are open worldwide. They have very broad range of interests. Irrespective of your study stream, it’s wise to keep a check on Yahoo Job website if you are looking for Internship. A Yahoo experience shall open many vistas to excel further in career and life.  Intern with Yahoo India

Intel Internship Opportunities open for Diploma, Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. Candidates

Intel, the world's top technology company offers many different options for students looking for Internship program. Company is open to all graduating candidates and those graduated within past 18 months. Also there are internship opportunities for Diploma, Masters, and PhD Program students. When you work at Intel you not only do job but learn new things and build strong recommendations. Competitive stipend is paid to every Intern depending on his/her qualification and the type of job he / she is involved into. If you are a graduating candidates or studying for master's or Ph.D qualification, you are eligible to join Intel for Temporary Full Time Position.  Image Source

Engineering Students, MBAs and University Students Join IBM as Intern

Where to go after IBM? Everywhere, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or Facebook and world is broader bigger outside. There shall be no more looking back once you get an experience certificate from IBM. The International Business Machine (IBM) is one of most loved company among Engineering Students and MBAs from world over. There is a lot to do from inside IBM to the world; Consulting, Research, Software, Sales. There exists innumerable opportunities and winning is in your hands. The company operates across 173 countries and serves to 17 industries. Once you complete Internship perhaps there will be few (may be no one) those will reject your job application.

Work As Intern With Khan Academy

Are you a problem solver and going to be a graduate soon? What job are you thinking to apply? How about joining a non-profit? Pay Check matters and it pays you. Yes, you heard right. The Khan Academy is a non-profit organization created way back in 2006 to provide free education to everyone in the world. The organization provides free educational videos in every academic subject, ranging from Language and Literature to Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Sciences. The organization is dedicated to change lives of people across the world through education. I have seen Khan Academy growing from scratch and what they are doing for community is really highly commendable.

Earn Internship At Facebook Summer Academy

The, world’s largest network for connecting to people, make friends group and even do business invites applications towards 2016 Facebook Summer Academy. As part of the program the candidates will get to learn ‘how facebook works’, the technology, the human resources, the logistics and a lot more. The Sophomores in High School during Academic Session 2015-16 and Full-Residents of East Palo Alto, Belle Haven, Redwood City, or San Francisco are eligible to apply. Students from San Francisco must come from Mission High School or John O’Connell High School.

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