8 things to consider when chosing university in the UK

Are you planning to study in the United Kingdom (UK)? You have enough resources to fund your degree then too you need consider these 10 things before making a final decision
1. Course Requirement
The entry requirements for a course may vary between institutions. Also coursework may differ. Assessment criteria also varies. Different institutions in United Kingdom have different parameters to measure your academic success.

2. Ranking of the University
Only foreign degree is not enough. It should be worth your investment. Every institution is important. However, you are to UK to make a mark in your chosen field and not only to obtain a certificate. The rank Universities in the United Kingdom is measured regularly on the basis of academic provision and student satisfaction. You can found all such details on the Quality Assurance Agency website, your chosen university's Students' Union website and the Unistats website.

3. Scholarships and Freeships
The degree from United Kingdom comes for much higher price than a same degree from home country. The UK’s institutions encourages international students to join their courses and hence offers various scholarships. The amount of scholarship depend on several factors like course, place where institute is situated and your academic performance. Check if you would be able to get an scholarship and sufficient enough to support your education.
4. Accreditation
Professional courses require accreditation to get a job or work as consultant. Engineering, Medicine, MBA, Law and many other courses comes in this category. Check if the course you are willing to go for is accredited in the United Kingdom, Home Country as well as in other nations. Afterall you need a job after completing studies.
5. LocationIn what type of campus you want to study; a campus in the city or rural areas. What type of population is there, can you meet people from home country? Also cost in a city campus may be higher than a rural campus.
6. Facilities
Well, try meeting past batches students online to know if institute is equipped to offer the course you are chosing. Check for the internship assistance, job assistance offered by the university and suceess rate of past years. Also get to know what is available in around for leisure. When away from family and friends, perhaps you will need a quality weekend.
7. Accommodation
What type of residence university offers? Is this halls of residence, or you need live in a rented house or flat. The living cost varies greatly between places.
8. Social life
Check out for local clubs and societies. To know about this you can check university website and social media etc. The students union plays key role during your stay. Socializing is important to live happily, complete course work and find a job recommendations. Who to call in emergency if don’t know any?

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