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Who can pursue a course in Interaction Design

First impression is the last. Bookmarking era has long gone. Now its time Downlaod Apps. Every company in the world out there give you an app for download, but only few apps really find space in your phone memory. Very recently I met a person, he told me that he is academician and has an app like this blog I checked it and closed. He asked Sir this will take very less space, but why you thinking twice to download, my answer was a lie, I don’t need it, fact was why I shall keep an app with dirty looking UI that will make my phone screen ugly. Interaction Design / UI / UX Design / IxD is something to get attention. Design should be interactive to keep those eyeballs for few seconds. If people not like your design, next step shall never happen. So your customer stop by your product and give it a glance, companies look for eligible IxDs.

A designer is someone who shall never be satisfied with his past work. To be a great designer not need any basic qualification, but it need skills, very level of concentration, eye for details, curiosity to play and experiments with shapes, sizes and colors and die hard attitude to spend sleepless nights.
However, to puruse an IxD course in academics you definitely need a career path. Various types of courses are offered, viz; certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate degree programs.
Everything that we see and use today need a certain design and beautiful design means more eyeballs and conversions.

A course in design may focus on different forms of digital products ranging from mobile, web based to dynamic ones in gaming, education, transportation, healthcare, banking, retail and other segments. The students learn concepts, theories, practices and processes in the area of interaction design. The students acquire necessary knowledge and skills to to design wide range of products using varied digital media/technologies and for diverse target audiences.

Eligibility Requirement
In academics, Interaction Design course is primarily offered to students who have passed 12 years of school. Different institutes may have different requirements for different programs and courses. However, to pursuue a design course at Undergraduate level you may need to appear for Entrance Test. In Undergraduate programs Interaction Design makes part of curriculum while at Postgraduate level you can find a separate study discipline. Also you can pursue Interaction Design program from design training institutes and online.

Course / College / Universities offering IxD course
  • Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay)
  • National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad
  • MIT Institute of Design, Pune
  • Pearl Academy, Delhi, Noida
  • Indian Institute of Technology Design and Management (IIITDM) Jabalpur
  • Arch Academy of Design Gurugram
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How much interaction designer earn over a year
Starting salary of Interaction Designer in India may hover between Rs 10000 to 20000. However based on your role and responsibilities you may earn 6 figures salary. Also the wages you earn depend on the industry type, place of work and your competencies. A designer in Surat may earn better than Designer in Palghat in the same capacity.

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