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Career in Video Gaming

Video Gaming industry is worth multi-billion dollar. Its soaring. Budget smartphones and tablets added huge value to video game industry. Android made it truly viral. Today many pockets have smartphones supported by Android. Everyone loves to play video games and hence demand for human resources in video gaming industry is huge. "Worldwide game industry hits $91 billion in revenues in 2016, with mobile the clear leader, writes Dean Takahashi in Venture Beat. According to the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), UK game sales in 2016 generated more revenue than either video or music, increasing by +2.9% to £2.96bn (Source). In 2017, size of global video gaming industry going to grow to 108.9 billion dollar which is +7.8% up Year on Year basis. In Asia and the Pacific region, the size of gaming industry is 51.2 billion dollar, which is approximately 47% of world's video industry. (Source)

Download Cheat Sheet: How to chose between two different jobs

Throughout the academic career, an individual acquire many skills. From among the skill sets he / she can apply for couple of jobs. Today's question arise from my Quora Profile; an user asked which is better job, editing or marketing?

Editing and Marketing are very broad terms, but from the question I felt and most precisely, I suppose, this person is eligible for both the jobs but not pretty sure to which to make a career choice. For obvious reasons, I think of perhaps this is the problems of many job seekers when they are stuck in selecting a career.

Suppose you have two jobs to chose from Job A and B or three Jobs, Job A, B and C then how to select the better one that fits you?

Consider following points when deciding between Jobs. Ask to yourself following questions

  1. What are the eligibility requirements to apply for this job?
  2. What are the new things I need to learn to do this job? Oo I have necessary skills?
  3. Where I want to be 2 year / 3 year / 5 year down the line? Can this job take me to the place in a fixed period of time?
  4. What are the possibilities for growth and promotions?
  5. How much money I will make from this job?
  6. Whether I will be able to buy a house and save enough for retirement?
  7. If this job will help me in building better relationship with people?
  8. Which job I will really enjoy doing the most?
  9. Which job will give me better and healthy work environment?
  10. Whether I will be able to make changes with time and grow with inustry?
 Here is method to method to evaluate possibilities

  1. Take an spreadsheet, Microsoft XL, Google Sheet or Any you use.
  2. In the sheet mark First Column A as Question, Second Column B as Job A or Job Title, Second Column C as Job B or Job Title, similarly you can mark Job C and Job D
  3. Under the column A, fill these questions 1 to 10
  4. Now against each question give points to each job. For example; 8 points for question no 2 against Job A and 7.5 points against job B
  5. Now sum all the points given against each question for each job.
  6. At the end you will get score of Job on a scale of 10.
Now is the time to decision making

Go for the job that has done well on your evaluation scale. In case of a tie, go for the one that you  will truly love doing.

Trust me, love is alive.

Download My Job Selection Cheat Sheet

How many times I should really try for GATE

A user asked, I failed twice in GATE, shall I give it a 3rd try or look for alternative career?

From experiences I know, qualifying an examination does not define your capabilities. An examination is a way to follow a certain path for a selected career. Rahul Bajaj, the noted industrialist, written an article way back in summers of 2007 in TOI, where he argued that higher education is a costly affair. When leaving school, you first decide, why you chosing for higher education, are really keen to work on those research laboratories or you are not sure. If you are not pretty sure, chose for alternative career instead of burning midnight oil and then looking for a job at a Pizza Selling Shop or Petrol Pump.
I wish I may have read this during my school years. I am from not a so rich family and I was not a topper. Joining Max Plank on freeship is really really a sweet day dreaming but today I know, perhaps I can't meet many criteria and required money to go for Max Plank and do research.
Going by the analogy, I suppose, you already had put 2 long years on GATE which is a huge time.
So in the Quest of passing GATE, you did not miss out on other beautiful things, I would suggest you to find an alternative career, preferably a Job in your area of expertise.
Everyone is expert in doing something so are the you.
This does not employee that you leave appearing for GATE. Still you can find one day in a year to appear for exam. And 2 hours a day to study for it.
If you already had appeared two times I suppose, your basic understanding of subject matter is already good and need to focus on week areas.
When you will have an alternative career in hand, your mind will be much in free zone to focus on week areas, the reasons behind not passing it.
If your are passionate about GATE, keep appearing but at the same time make best use of your time.
Reading is fun when you do it for passion. You can perform better when you are least stressed.

 GATE is window not the door, follow alternative roots and bring out best your potential.

PS: This is useful for many students who are repeatedly for any examination but not finding a place in merit.

Time comes for a price much than Gold.

Social Media Job Titles

Social Media networking; and better network means better better popularity, ultimately better business. What was created for human interaction is now a hot spot for generating leads, and making money.  Its not only personal now. Companies hire social media professionals  to work on products and services over social media.

How can I become an Ethical Hacker

A user asked; I am commerce student studying in Class 12th, how can I became an Ethical Hacker; if jobs are available in the field?

Well, Ethical hacking is for the people who love computing, have strong logic and ability to play with codes. Strong knowledge of mathematics added with good communication skill is required to become a successful ethical hacker.
Anyone can learn ethical hacking. The person need to be 18 years of age to take the examinations in ethical hacking. No formal qualification is required to become an ethical hacker. EC Council is the Certification Authority for Ethical Hackers.

Career in Interaction Design

Who can pursue a course in Interaction Design

First impression is the last. Bookmarking era has long gone. Now its time Downlaod Apps. Every company in the world out there give you an app for download, but only few apps really find space in your phone memory. Very recently I met a person, he told me that he is academician and has an app like this blog I checked it and closed. He asked Sir this will take very less space, but why you thinking twice to download, my answer was a lie, I don’t need it, fact was why I shall keep an app with dirty looking UI that will make my phone screen ugly. Interaction Design / UI / UX Design / IxD is something to get attention. Design should be interactive to keep those eyeballs for few seconds. If people not like your design, next step shall never happen. So your customer stop by your product and give it a glance, companies look for eligible IxDs.

How to become tour guide / travel guide

Tour Guide, the term is fascinating to those who love going places and see beauty, culture, arts and architecture. People in west, often go for tour and travel during holidays. Asia is preferred destination among foreign tourists primarily because of rich culture; history and heritage and secondarily because the foreign currency multiply in Asia manifolds.

How to become a Database Administrator

Database Administrator also know as Dbase Admin / Dbase Administrator or Database Admin.
Computer Database is growing on minute to minute basis. Million Zillions of instructions are given to computers to run our day day life smoothly. Household, Education, Computers, Small Business, Or Mission Mars name anything and it associates to a databases. Life now revolves around Computers. And to handle all such data requires Database Administrators.

QS World University Ranking 2018: The United Kingdom (UK)

Looking to study abroad? Are you thinking to join a course in an UK University? Well, before you switch on midnight lamp or start downloading apps that guide for study in UK here is one reason to chose from one of these institutions. And that reason is ranking in the World. The rating agency Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) has published QS World Ranking 2018. Here is complete list.

Spanish as a study discipline

Spanish is the most widely spoken Romance language. It is official language of Spain More than 400 million people in the world speak Spanish. Spanish is also accepted as official language in following countries- Central America and South America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela; Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Russian as a study discipline

Russian belongs to Slavic language family. It’s written with Cyrillic alphabets and comprises 33 basic letters and sometimes more. It has similarity with other Slavic languages like Polish, Slovak, Ukranian, Slovenian, and Bulgarian. More than 250 million people worldwide speak Russian. It is one of the most spoken language of Eurasia and eighth most spoken language in the world.

German lanuage as a study discipline

German language belongs to Indo – Germanic group of languages, it has resemblance with Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and English languages. German has privilege of Mother Tongue and National Language of people of Germany. Outside Germany it’s also spoken in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg. German is the language of European Union and also recognized as official language of Austria.  German has more than 105 million native speakers and more than 80 million non-native speakers. Standard German is widely taught in schools, colleges and universities across the Globe and Goathe Institutes worldwide.

French Language as a study discipline

'I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse'.

Attributed to Charles V   (1500 - 1558)
Belgian-born Spanish monarch

French is a Romanic language oftentimes also referred as Romance language. Mainly spoken by the people of France, French has more than 128 million speakers in approximately 54 countries of the world. French is a progeny of the Latin language of the Roman Empire, as are languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Catalan and Romanian. Its growth was also prejudiced by the native Celtic languages of Roman Gaul and by the Germanic language of the post-Roman Frankish invaders.

English Language as a study discipline

English Language has its origin in Anglo-Saxon dialect. Originated in Anglo-Saxon England, it’s also called Western Germanic Language. It is evident that Germanic settlers and Roman Auxiliary troops bring English to the Britain from different geographies, which are now known as North – West Germany and Northern Netherlands. English is first language for huge masses in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Anglophone Caribbean.

Visual Arts as a subject

Any sort of Work visual in nature, for example, photography, drawing, painting, filmmaking etc lies within the domain of Visual Arts. The arts that include three-dimensional objects like textile arts, performing arts, language arts etc comes under plastic arts category.

Sociology as a study discipline

Sociology is the study and categorization of human societies. In Sociology we learn about the social life, social changes, social roots and consequences of human behavior. People who study sociology are called sociologist. They reasoned about the make up of human groups, organizations and societies and the way people communicate in these circumstances. As we know social aspects make human behavior, the study of sociology varies from the close family to the huge masses, from planned crime to spiritual sects, from the distributions of race, gender and social groups to the shared faith of ordinary civilization, and from sociology of work to the sociology of sports.

Sculpture as a study discipline

The artwork produced using three-dimensional objects by shaping or combining hard or plastic material, sound, or text or light is known as Sculpture. Sometimes sculptures are made directly by carving or finding other times assembled, built up and fired, cast, molded or welded. Persons who make sculptures are called sculptor. Sculpture is supposed as plastic art as it can be molded or modulated. The majority of public art is considered as sculpture. Sometimes sculpture is classified on the basis of place where it is placed, like many sculptures placed in a garden can be said as Garden Sculpture.

Religion as a study discipline

The belief in Powers that control human fate is called Religion. In general terms we can say Religion is the human pursuit for understanding the sacred or holy. Religion, which is completely a human activity, can be expressed in thought (logical term), in action (realistic term) and in fellowship (shared term).  The multifaceted religious lexis including stories, myths, literature, histories, rituals, doctrines, ethical values, literature, poetry, and institutional developments of many traditions both from past and present encompasses the subject matter for the formal study of religion.

Psychology as a study discipline

Psychology is the science of mind, brain and behavior. In other words we can say Psychology is the science of mental life. Psychology is an academic as well as applied discipline. The study of psychology involves systematic study of mental functions and behavior. People who study Psychology are called Psychologists. Research in Psychology strives to understand and explain thought, emotion and behavior.

Political Science as a study discipline

Political Science deals with the theory and practice of politics and the explanation and investigation of political system and political behavior. Political science has many sub fields of study like political theory, political philosophy, political ideology, political economy, policy studies and analysis, comparative politics, international relations, and many other fields.