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Commercial Art as a study discipline

The term Commercial Art refers to art forms developed for commercial uses mainly advertising. It’s the sub fields of creative services. A person who studies commercial art is called commercial artist.  To be a successful commercial artist requires ability to organize information, knowledge of fine arts, visualization, and originality, knowledge of media, and excellent communication skills. In industrial settings the art department is small in volume usually a director, sometimes an assistant director, a small design staff and product workers.  Since commercial artist works with different sorts of people they require being flexible, resourceful, and able to gel with the people.
Commercial art can comprise many sorts of art and groups of art techniques. Important ones are listed below-

    * Commercial Character Design
    * Illustration
    * Graphic design
    * Photography
    * Makeup
    * Television commercials
    * Music videos
    * Animation
    * Computer art
    * Anime
    * Fashion Designer
    * Interior Design
Commercial art in different varieties and forms is used to promote the sale of a product, service or idea. Commercial art is used in many fields, like advertising, cinema, and fashion, television, packaging, publishing, textile, interior, and industrial design. Commercial artists use tools like painting, drawing, calligraphy, photography, typography, and most graphic-arts techniques. The work of a commercial artist is often reproduced in print. Many commercial artists are qualified in printing techniques.

The commercial art is an old art form; the proof to this is ancient Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii. In 18th and 19th centuries as industrialization paced in commercial art followed suit mainly with printed matters.  Advertising illustration in copperplate and wood impression emerge on coach posters, tradesmen's cards, flyers, and newspaper advertisements. The improvements in lithography and photoengraving produced a flood of advertising—calendars, billboard posters, and catalogs. Of late 19th century, improved color reproduction and other relevant techniques raised the importance of commercial art and its standard.

Beginning 20th century, commercial art grown with rapid pace. Specialist surfaced in all forms of commercial art viz; advertising, illustration, animation etc. The commercial art developed fully in Industrial Design and Graphic Arts areas. In the second half of the 20th century commercial art has created and popularized new styles.  

In educational settings training in commercial art provided right from schools. It is one of the most preferred study disciplines of vocational studies. Universities offer training in commercial art at under graduate and postgraduate level. Various diplomas and certificate courses are also offered through government run as well as private institutions.     


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