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GK: First in World

  • Chairman of Peoples Republic of China   >  Mao-Tse-Tung
  • President of the Chinese Republic   >  Dr. Sun Yat Sen
  • President of USA  >   George Washington

  • Chinese Traveller to India  >   Fahein
  • Foreign Invader to India  >   Alexander the Great
  • Person to reach South Pole  >   Amudsen
  • Person to reach North Pole  >   Robert Pearey
  • Person in Space   >  Yuri Gagarin
  • Person on Moon  >   Neil Armstrong
  • Lady to Climb Mount Everst  >   Junko Taibei
  • European to visit China  >   Marco Polo
  • Place where atom bomb was dropped  >   Hiroshima
  • Man to walk in Space  >   Alexei Leonov
  • Women cosmonaut in Space   >  Valentina Tereshkova
  • Woman Prime Minister of a country  >   Mrs. Srimavo Bhandarnaike
  • Women President of a country  >   Maria Estela Peron
  • First north-south crossing of Australia     Burke, Robert O'Hana (1860-1861)
  • First sea journey around the world   >  Magellan
  • First unmanned spaceship to have softlanded and lifted off from moon to return to the earth >   Luna-16 (USSR) Sep. 21, 1970
  •  First space vehicle to land on the moon  >  Lunar Exploration Module (LEM) nicknamed 'Eagle'
  •  First space ship which carried three American Astronauts to land two of them to moon  >  Apollo-11
  • First country to send man to moon  >  USA
  •  First space rocket brought back to earth after orbiting the moon  >  Zond-5
  • First crew transfer between the orbiting space ship >   Soyuz T-15 with Mir Space Station
  • First mission of a ling-up in space by manned space ships of USA and Soviet Union   > Apollo-Soyuj Test Project Mission (ASTP)
  • First man to fly into space belonging to a country other than Russia or the USA >   Remek (Czechoslovakia)
  •  First country to send nuclear powered space craft to explore Jupiter  >  USA
  •  First Country to launch earth satellite or artificial baby moon  >  USSR
  • First spaceship in the world to sample moon's crust  >  Surveyor-3 (USA)
  • First space vehicle to soft land on moon  >  Luna 9 (USSR)
  • First manned spaceship to perforn the longest stay in space (11 days)  >  Apollo 7 (USA)
  • First vessel ever to reach the North Pole by sailing through the thick Arctic ice  >  Soviet Arktika Atomic-powered (ice-breaker)
  • First cross word puzzle in the world was published  >  By London Sunday Express
  • First country to issue stamps  >  Britain
  • First demonstration of motion picture was held at  >  Paris
  •  First animated colour cartoon of full feature length  >  Snow white and seven dwarfs
  • First country that brings out the FIAT  >  Italy
  • First spaceworthy Space Shuttle in NASA's orbital fleet  >  Colombia


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