How IELTS Exam looks like

Planning to write IELTS Exam; great, the IELTS is your first entry point to study in an UK / English speaking country. You must be curious to know how IELTS looks like. Here is an overview

The IELTS General Training test access your ability in whether you would be able to survive in English speaking workplace and society. The test has 4 sections

Listening: This is a 30 miniues test.  Extra minutes are given to transfer your answers to answersheet.
The test includes forur recorded monologues and conversations.

Reading: This is a 60 minute test. The test includes
Three reading passages with tasks
Section 1 contains 2 or 3 short factual texts.
Section 2 contains 2 short work related factual texts.
Section 3 contains 1 longer text on a topic of general interests.
Texts are authentic and taken from company handbooks, official documents, books and newspapers etc.

Writing: This is a 60 minutes test. The tests comprises of
Letter writing task of atlest 150 words.
Short Essy task of atleast 250 words.

Speaking: The test duration is 11 to 14 minutes. It comprises of
Face to Face Interview
Short questions, speaking in length about a familiar topic and a structured discussion
Over to you, by now you know what type of questions you are going to take in IELTS General Testing.

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