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What women want in work place

 Workplace harassment is more than common. Its prevailing everywhere. A bad boss, a bad manager, or a colleague may start harassing you. And at times you are helpless, because you need a job, you need a salary to sustain your family, to pay home loan, to tread your ailing parents. Often people subjected to workplace harassment go silent because they have no choice but to adjust. Anyone can be a victim from office boy to boss. Anyone could be a culprit, anyone could be next victim.

Women or vulnerable to workplace harassment and more often it is sexual harassment. They suffer in silence. That woman could be any, may be a family member, a neighbor, a colleague or just a person you do not know. But we can not leave worlds half population behind and dream of becoming super humans in history. Every talent is important, and we need to nurture that talent and take maximum juice out of it.
We need to train our boys and girls equally. We need to give jobs to women. We need to work in an unbiased holistic environment. So that next harassment not happen we need to take a responsibility. More than 71% sexual harassment cased go unreported. Imagine the actual number.     
Like men, women also want equality in work place. Women want three things in workplace 

1. Safe
2. Welcoming
3. Harassment free Environment 

Here is a wonderful TedTalk I feel worth sharing, listening which you will take responsibility


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