How can I become an Ethical Hacker

A user asked; I am commerce student studying in Class 12th, how can I became an Ethical Hacker; if jobs are available in the field?

Well, Ethical hacking is for the people who love computing, have strong logic and ability to play with codes. Strong knowledge of mathematics added with good communication skill is required to become a successful ethical hacker.
Anyone can learn ethical hacking. The person need to be 18 years of age to take the examinations in ethical hacking. No formal qualification is required to become an ethical hacker. EC Council is the Certification Authority for Ethical Hackers.

Ethical hackers are also called white hat hackers; the term is used as they are certified professionals to get hired for the job.
Companies hiring ethical hackers may look for qualification in engineering / sciences together with certificate in ethical hacking. However, candidates from other academic backgrounds may also get equal opportunity to work.
An ethical hacker is a security expert hired by software firms / IT security firms etc to look for vulnerabilities in software and hardware and protect it. Please mind the gap; ethical hacking is not about peeping into others systems but its about protecting your own system by finding its weakness.

As part of ethical hacking training you will learn following courses
Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Module 02: Footprinting and Reconnaissance

Module 03: Scanning Networks

Module 04: Enumeration

Module 05: System Hacking

Module 06: Trojans and Backdoors

Module 07: Viruses and Worms

Module 08: Sniffers

Module 09: Social Engineering

Module 10: Denial of Service

Module 11: Session Hijacking

Module 12: Hacking Webservers

Module 13: Hacking Web Applications

Module 14: SQL Injection

Module 15: Hacking Wireless Networks

Module 16: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

Module 17: Buffer Overflow

Module 18: Cryptography

Module 19: Penetration Testing

Some institutes may teach some more courses in addition to these or may be their own programs. You can find many institutes in your area offering courses in ethical hacking. However certificates shall be awarded by EC Council. Before you sell your money look for if your institute is meeting EC Council compliance. At the time of writing this article EC Council has already launched CEHv7 on 17th August 2017. Match the course curriculum of your institute with EC Council.

Joining an institute is not mandatory to learn ethical hacking. If you have a computer and internet connection, you can learn yourself and apply for certification. However, when you join coaching classes you get qualified teachers and group members for discussion. Whether you should join a course or study self is completely your choice. Apply for Ethical Hacking Certification

As a qualified Ethical Hacker you get chances to work with following type of companies
Financial Institutions
  •     IT and ITES companies
  •     All online businesses and organizations
  •     Consultancies
  •     Government
  •     Diplomatic set ups
  •     Security installations
  •     Security agencies
  •     Defense organizations
  •     Telecommunication sector
  •     Immigration services
  •     Aviation industry
  •     Hotels
  •     Forensic Laboratories
Also you can start your own IT security firm and offer consultation services. Work opportunities for qualified ethical hackers are good both in India and overseas. How much salary you will get shall depend on the type of institution you get chance to work. In mid level companies or startups you can hope for a salary of Rs. 5-7 lacs per year as a beginner.

A list of certified training providers in ethical hacking is available on EC Council official website

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