How to revise complete course in one month for CBSE Class 10th and CBSE Class 12th Exam

Revision matters for successful academic examination. Exam time revision means no new lessons but re-reading the chapters and topics you prepared already.
As you need to appear in multiple subject exams in CBSE Class 10th and CBSE Class 12th, for revisions you need a strategy. To help in preparing better here are tips
1. Revise during most productive hour of the day.  Comfort matters,  some students learn better in morning and some in evening. Know your body clock. Set a time of the day when your brain functions adequate.
2. Do fast reading. Go through the pages of textbook and flip them faster.  Keep sharp eyes on important definitions and formulae.
3. Flip through the class notes.  Perhaps you have well written class notes. Flip through those pages.  The explanatory points in the notes matters a lot for better understanding of subject matter.
4. Take mock test.  Go to the CBSE website Download previous years question papers.  Take them under examination condition. Next ask a friend to evaluate your answer sheet. Evaluate each other answer copies.
5. From evaluating you know your weaker areas,  improve on those and take more mock tests. I would suggest writing 3/4 mock test before actual examination.

Over  to you.  Prepare for your exams and if you need any help send your questions using Contact Form below.
All the best.

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