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Download Old Question Papers, Answers and Solutio

Over the years I build a library over; sole purpose was to help test takers in preparing better. Entrance Examination landscape is fast changing. Many exams gone online and its a pretty good thing for students. Also online exams are pretty secure. Back then and still some institute conducts Paper Based Examination but you cannot take the question paper home after exam. This makes examination more secure. But at the same time student need past year questions to know how questions are framed. To help you in finding some tests papers I have uploaded Question Papers, Answers and Solutions from different sources. Here are the links Categories AIPMT Question Paper Answer and Solution Answers and Solutions BITSAT Board Exam Date Sheet 2014 CBSE Board Exam Datesheet 2015 CBSE Class 10 CISCE Date Sheet 2014 Civil Services DU CATE Information Brochure Engineering Services Exam Question Papers GATE GATE Previous Question Papers GUJCET Question Pape

10 Tips- How to manage your exam day

How to manage exam day like Pro and score more This is exam time in sub continent, CBSE class 10th and Class 12 exams are already administering, besides all state boards CICSE, ICSE and Entrance Exams are also in the running, and least but not lost those appearing in 10th and 12th boards have also to undergo for entrance exam testing, high time for 14 – 16 year old fellows to follow mum’s advice so as to carry good grades. I too have given certain exams and still I appear in some of them so from personal experiences I am jotting down here 10 Key tips HOPE HELPFUL FOR YOU EXAM GOERS. 1. Do not study. Cheers, who wanna study after all you can’t eat the books. RELAX so your nervous system may remember properly what you have learnt during classroom teaching, tuition classes and self-study. 2. Catch enough sleep. Use your bed 8 – 10 hours in a day for sleeping; of course you can sleep with books behind pillow. No Problem. 3. Do not put yourself much in front of Comp

How to NOT loss focus during exams

Exam pressure is huge. But it is really huge? In my opinion, NO, never. It seems huge because there are too many empty noises. Everyone has an opinion around you,  your exams,  your career. The problem area is, we take empty noises seriously, every empty noise bothers us. Teacher: Exams are coming,  you are poor in language. Parents: Will you pass the exam with good grade? Friends: How much you will score? Siblings: You don't study hard... Neighbors: What is your career plan? All these people are not your enemy.  In fact they are the first who come to give you courage in hard times. Their problem is not you,  your grade or career. Exam is a talking point, it makes news and people love to talk. The problem is when we hear empty noises we loss control over us. Be like a lorry driver. Go highway and observe how a lorry driver do not change lane despite too many horns blown into  ears. A good driver always keep the vehicle on track and let the other vehicles pass when there

How to revise complete course in one month for CBSE Class 10th and CBSE Class 12th Exam

Revision matters for successful academic examination. Exam time revision means no new lessons but re-reading the chapters and topics you prepared already. As you need to appear in multiple subject exams in CBSE Class 10th and CBSE Class 12th, for revisions you need a strategy. To help in preparing better here are tips 1. Revise during most productive hour of the day.  Comfort matters,  some students learn better in morning and some in evening. Know your body clock. Set a time of the day when your brain functions adequate. 2. Do fast reading. Go through the pages of textbook and flip them faster.  Keep sharp eyes on important definitions and formulae. 3. Flip through the class notes.  Perhaps you have well written class notes. Flip through those pages.  The explanatory points in the notes matters a lot for better understanding of subject matter. 4. Take mock test.  Go to the CBSE website Download previous years question papers.  Take them under examination condition

How To Revise For Board Exams In Two Months Time

March is the time in India when teens write Class 12th and Class 10th examination with whole lot of expectations. Every eyes in the school campus say, few more days and I will be free bird, I will get to a new campus, my time is coming to enjoy college life and perhaps I will locate to a new city. Some students have fixed target to get into Engineering Physics, or become an astronaut and some other has in target to join a particular college in any study stream. Everyone has some expectation from the self to achieve, may be; certain percentage or grade point in board exam and then set for a new career.

Top 10 Websites for Competitive Examination Preparation

Competitive Examinations i.e. Admission Test, Scholarship Test and Recruitment Exam conducts three categories of testing Paper Based Test (PBT), Computer Based Test (CBT) and Internet Based Test (IBT). Examining bodies prefer for online test (Computer Based Test (CBT) / Internet Based Test (IBT)) because this saves them ease of testing, maintaining records and prevents from hassle of paper work. Also online tests are highly secure in comparison to paper based testing.

10 Speeding Reading Apps To Learn More In Less Time

Curriculum is lengthy for any examination; you need not only to attempt too many questions in less time but also need help in reading fast. Practice is the key to achieve a certain level of speed, but you need help too. In today’s world environment when both parents are busy, certainly students need help from machines and apps. Thanks to app makers who did the great job to assist in learning. Using speed reading techniques, you can multiply your reading speed up to 3 times. Obviously not in a single day, but you need commitment and regular practice towards it. These apps make use of Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) technique to display words in rapid manner, so you can read truly fast. Here are 10 Speed Reading Apps To Help You In Multiplying Reading Speed.

How to increase your reading speed

My Free Tips To Increase Your Read Speed - By Following These 5 Techniques You Can Triple Your Reading Speed Everybody goes to school, you attend same lectures as your friends. Perhaps you put more time in studies than your roommate in hostel. But you score less. Why? What is different in your friends? What is that one thing / one area in which you are lagging behind? Perhaps it could be reading speed. Mastering the art of reading is as important as biking or hiking. Can you ride a bike very first time and comfortably with good speed? Perhaps no if you never driven one before. But after couple of months you can drive at good speed like a Pro.