Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ways to know your prospective employer from interview session

OK,  so you have applied for a job.  Are you looking for a prospective employer???
A prospective employer is one who can give you sustainable income. Right???
I beg to differ.  In my opinion,  a prospective employer is one who can give you ways of living money is significant part of it,  but other parts equally important like work satisfaction,  growth prospects,  social security and acceptance of work experience in the industry.
Here are signs if you are meeting a prospective employer or just an useless person who knew nothing,  has no values.
1. He didn't listen your answers.
2. His staff boasts a lot for example secretary.
3. Like father like son.  He boasts a lot being hollow bag.
4. He is very much keen about giving it to society.  Pleas mind,  you are here for interview and not to listen how much big heart he has,  right???
5. He want to know your techniques.
6. He repeatedly says,  he do not work for money.
If you find these signs, for sure,  do not accept job offer from such people or one such company.
Look for growth not money.  Money follows when you work in a truly positive environment.  Money is a necessity nonody can ignore it. Any number in your bank balance is 'one less' .

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