5 life skills to learn free during college years

'College', the word itself is pretty exciting. Many of us wait impatiently when our true freedom will begin, when we can hangout late night with friends, and when we can take decision on our own and may be bunk (bad habit) some classes too.
College life brings loads of thrills as well as responsibilities. We need to learn many new things, get mature and job ready.
College teaches us many things apart from academics. Before degree is awarded we become a set of bundles shaped in a certain way to perform certain tasks. The habits that we develop during college years, plays significant role later in life.
Here are 5 habits every college student must need to include before graduation

1. Do your own tasks
Just now you became independent. Now time to learn everything you never did in the past; cooking, cleaning, shoe polishing, laundry...  When you do multitasking, slowly you develop a habit of making solution to a problem instead of counting on someone else. After college, you will go for a job. Industry like people who come up with a solution of problems.
2. Exercise Daily: College days are right time to train your body muscles working hard. Exercise builds physical as well as mental strength. Daily workout will keep you fit plus over the time you will develop a habit for sweating. This habit will remain stick with you for life.
3. Entertain before you sleep: College assignments may require loads of sweat and blood. Make a regime to entertain your mind before you sleep. Watch a funny video, read a book or listen a song. Do it 10 minutes a day before you sleep. This will off shed the days tiredness and you will get a good night sleep. When you sleep well, the coming day is terrifically productive.
4. Learn Speaking: Join your college societies, become active member. Take part in college fests and events. After college whether you will do job or start your own business, you will need to sale something may be an idea or skill or a product. There is no business without speaking.
5. Networking: Networking is not about social media, its about real life. Success is not about earning money. Real success is when people around you can count on you for small help. Help you roommate in making assignments, help that pretty girl in picking grocery, help an elderly person to cross the road, offer a sandwich to a person living on streets, help that neighborhood kid in learning math. Whether you know these people or not, over time helping others will become a habit. Remember. what you give that you get back.

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