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10 must acquire skills before you leave home for college

Are you reading this article? Well, now it's your turn to do One-to-One with daily routine. I am habitual and adjustable to these :) #1. Time management: Alarm Clock is your biggest enemy till date, as someone is always there to tell you, hey, hurry up, it's time to go for football or you are running late for class. Learn Time Management. Do you know what is difference between Successful People and Less Successful? Highly successful people manage their time better, they put best efforts in available time to gain maximum output. DO NOT DO ANYTHING MORE, DO NOT DO ANYTHING LESS. Do it as much as it is required at optimal.

FTII Admission 2018: Short Term Courses Admission for Delhi

The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) introduced short term courses in New Delhi. These courses will be delivered starting July 12 through August 3, 2018 at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) in the new campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). These courses are part of the Skilling India in Film and Television (SKIFT) and administered all over India. The SKIFT courses serves the purpose of developing skills and knowledge in candidates and mainly technical skills like cinematography, editing, recording and other production values. The SKIFT courses also includes basic acting courses offered by FTII's in-house and guest faculty. The three new courses offered are: Fiction writing for TV Screen Acting Digital Cinematography The last date for submission of application form is 27 June 2018. Candidates will be scrutinized before final final offer of admission is made. 

5 life skills to learn free during college years

'College', the word itself is pretty exciting. Many of us wait impatiently when our true freedom will begin, when we can hangout late night with friends, and when we can take decision on our own and may be bunk (bad habit) some classes too. College life brings loads of thrills as well as responsibilities. We need to learn many new things, get mature and job ready. College teaches us many things apart from academics. Before degree is awarded we become a set of bundles shaped in a certain way to perform certain tasks. The habits that we develop during college years, plays significant role later in life. Here are 5 habits every college student must need to include before graduation 1. Do your own tasks Just now you became independent. Now time to learn everything you never did in the past; cooking, cleaning, shoe polishing, laundry...  When you do multitasking, slowly you develop a habit of making solution to a problem instead of counting on someone else. After college, y

13 tips to survive job recession

You lost your job?  Congrats!!! If you will die because of job loss I will come with flowers on your funeral.  You love scents of flowers.  Sadly you won't be alive to feel the aroma.  But guests at your funeral will enjoy its fragrance.  Blame our nostrils,  we will be sad in your absence but your dead body won't give any hope so we will burry it and embrace the flowers.  Fragrance is alive it gives hope. No body ever die because of job loss so you also not. Accirding to latest media news 50000 telecome sector employees in India may loss job and next could be you. After losing a job negative thoughts are obvious but you should be life ready and only job ready.  If you loss your job embrace it and move on with a smile.  Rebegin,  rebuild,  restart. Here are few tips to survive a job loss 1. Learn New Skills See market trends what sells there.  Learn those skills.  It's not must that you will get new job in the same sector from where you lost. 2. Start a small busine

Looking for career growth? You can count on AltMBA!

World is full of unsuccessful stories,  everyone has an excuse.  Not able to complete a degree,  not able to stay in a successful relationship,  not able to start a business,  not able to buy that dream house and there is excuse for everything. But everyone is not a fake, there are people who truly do magic in whatever they do but still unable to achieve that significant threshold in work and life perhaps because of lack of training. MBA teaches us skills of management but at times what we learn in academia does not necessarily fit in the real world scenario,  for such people who truly want to achieve goals Seth Godin has designed  AltMBA You can enroll for this 4 week online workshop from anywhere,  get training,  level up and lead. Anyone can join AltMBA and take leadership lessons.  Course is completely online.

Springboard landed $9.5 millon series A round to offer online alternative to a master's degree

Degree comes in many packages. Often the problem lies in the course curriculum. Education institutes does not revise the courses with same pace as changes in industry happens. This results in unemployed graduates with a degree in hand. Tech world is changing very fast, we need to learn new things daily. If we are not learning, the degree and certificates won't help. This is where we need education providers in new tech skills.

Digital Marketing Terminology

Digital Marketing is Huge; in today's world environment world is going digital. Consumers prefer buying everything online; Books from Amazon, Groceries from Big Basket, Food from Swiggy, Travel Tickets from Make my Trip; Movie tickets from Book My Show, look for job on Glassdoor, Read gadget reviews from CNET and, look directions on Google Map and fix computers with help from Leo Notenboom

Which programming language you should learn in 2018

Programming languages are many. Chosing a suitable one is vital towards your success in career and life. Yes, you heard it right. Learning a programming lesson allows you to think critically, take risks and make decisions. At this point of time in India, students are in rush for college admission. Some prefer to go for professional courses like engineering, or law. Others may for courses that are much classroom oriented like history or literature.

10 Speeding Reading Apps To Learn More In Less Time

Curriculum is lengthy for any examination; you need not only to attempt too many questions in less time but also need help in reading fast. Practice is the key to achieve a certain level of speed, but you need help too. In today’s world environment when both parents are busy, certainly students need help from machines and apps. Thanks to app makers who did the great job to assist in learning. Using speed reading techniques, you can multiply your reading speed up to 3 times. Obviously not in a single day, but you need commitment and regular practice towards it. These apps make use of Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) technique to display words in rapid manner, so you can read truly fast. Here are 10 Speed Reading Apps To Help You In Multiplying Reading Speed.

12 Ways To Learn Design Skills Online

Learning : Good Grades : : Education : Job When you write an entrance examination, admission test or recruitment paper, the examiner test you on what you have learnt in academia. Then come in the line your education which is tested during time of Personal Interview / Group Discussion etc. Competition is stiff in any field, for 1 seat in a college, there are 100s of applications and for 1 job vacancy in a local city, there are thousands of applicants. You need to impress your interviewer, to get first call from a recruiting agency or admission office. Skills are important to excel in career and life. Designing is one such skill though which you can impress your admission officer and interviewer alike. Learning right skill sets may send you ahead in the row. Learn Design Skills, improve your portfolio and excel in career.

6 ways to learn English and its importance

The most prestigious examination for recruitment in India’s Government Posts and Services, the Civil Services Preliminary Test (CSP Test) did away with English this time. However, you have to pass English test in Civil Services Main Examination. Also English is mandatory across educational settings and industry worldwide. If you are on this website, chances are you understand English.

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