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Career in Financial Engineering

Which are the institutes offering courses in Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering also referred as financial mathematics, mathematical finance, / computational finance makes hot career choice. At present there is no course available in sub continent but in neighborhood Singapore and Hong Kong you can find one such course. Students who are planning to study abroad can consider studying financial engineering. Courses are available at different levels, viz, undergraduate, postgraduate and research etc. Career Opportunities are immense not only in financial sector but also in all work fields. As the world is growing, technology is multiplying and companies both big and SMEs are opening each day, in coming years Financial Engineers would be on high demand in developing world countries too. Below is provided name of University / University College offering course in financial engineering. To know in detail about a course please click below over the course type of your interest.

Asbury College
BA Financial Mathematics

Ball State University
BS Financial Mathematics

Bar Ilan University
MSc in Financial Mathematics

Baruch College
MS Financial Engineering

Bentley College
MS Finance

Birkbeck University
MSc Financial Engineering

Bogazici University
MS Financial Engineering

Boston University
MA Mathematical Finance

Brandeis University
MS Finance

Cambridge University
MPhil in Finance

Carnegie Mellon University
MS Computational Finance
MBA Financial Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University
PhD Mathematical Finance

Cass Business School
MS Mathematical Trading and Finance and
MS in Finance, Economics and Econometrics

City University of Hong Kong
MS Financial Engineering
Claremont Graduate University
MS Financial Engineering

Clark University
MS Finance

Columbia University
MS Financial Engineering
MA, Mathematics, with specialization in the Mathematics of Finance
MS, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Financial Engineering courses available

Cornell University
MBA Financial Engineering

Cornell University
M. Eng in Operations Research & Industrial Eng.

DePaul University
MS Finance/Risk Management/Financial Engineering
MS Computational Finance
Dublin City University - Ireland
MS Investment and Treasury
MSc Financial & Industrial Mathematics
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Master in Financial Engineering

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Master in Quantitative Finance
ETH Zurich
MS Finance

Fairfield University-Dolan School
MS Finance

Florida State University
MS & PhD Financial Mathematics

George Washington University
MS, Finance

Georgia Institute of Technology
MS Quantitative and Computational Finance

Georgia State University
Mathematical Risk Management

Glasgow Caleonian University
BS Financial Mathematics

Golden Gate University
MS Finance with Concentration in Management

HEC, Montreal
MS Financial Engineering
HECTOR School of Engineering & Management, University of Karlsruhe (TH)
M.Sc. in Financial Engineering

Hofstra University
MS in Quantitative Finance

Hong Kong University
MF Financial Engineering, MF Risk Management

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
MSc Investment Management
MSc Financial Analysis

Illinois Institute of Technology
MS Finance
MS Financial Markets

Imperial College London, Tanaka Business School
MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
MSc Mathematics and Finance

International University of Monaco
MSc Financial Engineering
Istanbul Bilgi University
BS Financial Mathematics

James Madison University
BS Quantitative Finance

Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Business
MS Finance

Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering
MSE Financial Mathematics

The Karol Adamiecki Academy of Engineering
MS Financial Engineering and Banking

Kent State University
MS Financial Engineering

King's College London
MSc Financial Mathematics

Lavel University
MS Financial Engineering

Leicester University
MSc Financial Mathematics and Computation

Liverpool John Moores University
MSc International Banking and Finance
London Business School
Masters in Finance

London Metropolitan University
BSc Financial Mathematics

Louisiana State University
MS Finance with Minor in Mathematics

Loyola College
MS Finance

Malardalen University
MS Financial Engineering

Manchester Business School-Manchester University
MSc Finance
MSc Quantitative Finance and Finance
MSc Mathematical Finance

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MBA with Financial Engineering Track

Middle East Technical University
MSc Financial Mathematics

Multimedia University, Malaysia
Bachelor of Financial Engineering

Nanyang Technological University
MS Financial Engineering

National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
MSc Quantitative Finance

National University of Singapore
BS and MS Financial Engineering

New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
MS Mathematics in Finance
New York University, Stern School of Business and Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
MBA/MS in Mathematics in Finance (see web links above for more information)

North Carolina State University
MS, Financial Mathematics

North-West University
MSc Financial Mathematics
MSc Quantitative Risk Management

Northwestern University
Ph D Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
Financial Engineering Concentration available

Oklahoma State University
MS Quantitative Financial Economics

Oxford University
MSc Mathematical Finance

Polytechnic University
MS Financial EngineeringPrinceton UniversityMSE, Ph.D Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Purdue University
MS Computational Finance

Queen's University
MA Financial Economics (specialisation in Computational Science and Engineering)

Queen's University Belfast
MSc Finance
Rutgers Business School
Master of Quantitative Finance
MS Quantitative Finance

Rutgers University (New Brunswick/Piscataway campus)
MS in Mathematical Finance
Singapore Management University
BA in Business Management

Stanford University
MS, Financial Mathematics
MS, Management Science & Engineering

Stevens Institute of Technology
Graduate Certificate in Financial Engineering

State University of New York at Buffalo
MS, Finance
Saint Mary's College of California
MS Financial Analysis and Investment Management (MS-FAIM)
Stony Brook University
MS Applied Mathematics and Statistics (Quantitative Finance)
Suranaree University of Technology
PhD Financial Mathematics

Texas A&M University
MS Financial/Industrial MathematicsTilburg UniversityMSc Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science

Tulane University
MS Finance

Universidad Autonoma of Bucaramanga (in Spanish)
Bachelor's in Financial Engineering

Universidad Carlos III of Madrid
MSc Financial Analysis

Universisad de Belgrano
MA Financial Engineering

Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
MSc Stock Markets and Financial Derivatives (Spanish)
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I (Taught in Spanish)
MSc Decision Engineering (specializations in Financial Engineering and Quantitative Methods)

Università Bocconi
MA Quantitative Finance & Risk Management

Université de Montreal
MSc Financial Mathematics & Computational Finance

Université Laval
MSc Financial Engineering
Université Paris Dauphine (in French)
Master in Financial Markets and Risk Management

Universiteit van Amsterdam (Korteweg-de Vries Institute)
With Vrije Universteit & Universiteit Utrecht
MSc Stochastics and Financial Mathematics

University College Dublin
MSc Quantitative Finance

University of Alabama
MS Finance
University of Alberta
MSc in Mathematical Finance
PHD in Mathematical Finance

University of Arizona-Eller
MS Management with Concentration in Finance

University of California at Berkeley
MS Financial Engineering
Certificate in Financial Engineering, Executive Education
University of California Los Angeles
Master of Financial Engineering
University of Capetown
MSc Mathematics of Finance

University of Chicago
MS Financial Mathematics

University of Connecticut
MS Applied Financial Mathematics

University of Dayton
Masters of Financial Mathematics

University of Denver-Daniels
MS Finance

University of Edinburgh
in partnership with Heriot Watt University
MS Financial Mathematics

University of Exeter
MSc Financial Mathematics
University of Florida
Warrington College of Business Administration
MS, Finance
Universities of Geneva, Lausanne, and Neuchatel
MS Finance

University of Hong Kong
Masters of Finance - Financial Engineering and Risk Management Tracks

University of Houston-Bauer
MS Finance

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
College of Business
MS, Finance

University of Leeds
MSc Financial Mathematics
University of Leicester
MSc, Financial Mathematics and Computation

University of London
Birkbeck College
M.Sc. in Financial Engineering

University of Melbourne
MSc Applied Finance

University of Michigan
Financial Engineering Program

University of Minnesota
Master of Financial Mathematics

University of New South Wales
Master of Financial Mathematics

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
M.S. Mathematical Finance

University of Oxford
Diploma in Mathematical Finance

University of Piraeus (in Greek)
MSc in Banking and Financial Management

University of Pittsburgh
Professional Science MS Mathematical Finance

University of Pretoria
MS Mathematics of Finance
University of Reading
ISMA Centre, the Business School for Financial Markets
MS Financial Engineering and Quantitative Analysis

University of Rochester
Simon School of Business Administration
MS, Finance

University of Southern California
Professional MS in Mathematical Finance

University of St. Gallen
Master Quantitative Economics and Finance

University of Thai Chamber of Commerce
BSc Mathematical Finance

University of Technology, Sydney
Master of Quantitative Finance

University of the Free State
MSc Mathematical Statistics

University of Torino, Italy
Masters in Quantitative Finance

University of Toronto
Master of Mathematical Finance

University of Tulsa
MS in Finance / Risk Management

University of Twente, the Netherlands
Masters in Financial Engineering

University Of Valencia, Spain
PhD, Quantitative Finance

University of Warwick
MS Financial Mathematics

University of Waterloo
Mathematical Finance

University of Western Ontario
MS Applied Finance-Financial Mathematics

University of Westminster
MSc Quantitative Finance

University of the Witwatersrand-Johannesburg
MCom Finance

University of York
MSc Mathematical Finance

MSc Applied Finance

Vanderbilt University- Owen School
MS Finance

Vienna Institute of Technology
Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

Virginia Commonwealth University
Bachelor of Science in Financial Technology
Vrije Universteit Amsterdam, Universiteit Utrecht & Universiteit van Amsterdam
MSc in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics

Warwick University
MSc Financial Mathematics

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
MSc Financial Mathematics

York University
MS Financial Engineerin

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