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How many times I should really try for GATE

A user asked, I failed twice in GATE, shall I give it a 3rd try or look for alternative career?

From experiences I know, qualifying an examination does not define your capabilities. An examination is a way to follow a certain path for a selected career. Rahul Bajaj, the noted industrialist, written an article way back in summers of 2007 in TOI, where he argued that higher education is a costly affair. When leaving school, you first decide, why you chosing for higher education, are really keen to work on those research laboratories or you are not sure. If you are not pretty sure, chose for alternative career instead of burning midnight oil and then looking for a job at a Pizza Selling Shop or Petrol Pump.
I wish I may have read this during my school years. I am from not a so rich family and I was not a topper. Joining Max Plank on freeship is really really a sweet day dreaming but today I know, perhaps I can't meet many criteria and required money to go for Max Plank and do research.
Going by the analogy, I suppose, you already had put 2 long years on GATE which is a huge time.
So in the Quest of passing GATE, you did not miss out on other beautiful things, I would suggest you to find an alternative career, preferably a Job in your area of expertise.
Everyone is expert in doing something so are the you.
This does not employee that you leave appearing for GATE. Still you can find one day in a year to appear for exam. And 2 hours a day to study for it.
If you already had appeared two times I suppose, your basic understanding of subject matter is already good and need to focus on week areas.
When you will have an alternative career in hand, your mind will be much in free zone to focus on week areas, the reasons behind not passing it.
If your are passionate about GATE, keep appearing but at the same time make best use of your time.
Reading is fun when you do it for passion. You can perform better when you are least stressed.

 GATE is window not the door, follow alternative roots and bring out best your potential.

PS: This is useful for many students who are repeatedly for any examination but not finding a place in merit.

Time comes for a price much than Gold.

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