Law School Admission through GRE 2018

GRE is new measure for Law School Success in United States

GRE, the Graduate Record Examination is becoming measure of Law School Success. Till now LSAT was considered as standardized test for Law School Application. In 2017, the University of Arizona Law School became the first to accept GRE for admission.

Now this year more US Law Schools are joining the GRE bandwagon. Good for many aspirants, especially those who were appearing for both test i.e. LSAT and GRE. Inclusion of GRE in Law School Admission means one test and more choices. Definitely its a welcome move, YOUR HONOR.

Here is the list of US Law Schools accepting GRE for Admission

  1. University of Arizona Law School
  2. Harvard Law School
  3. Columbia Law School
  4. Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
  5. Law School of Washington University in St. Louis
Do you know GMAT was standard measure of business school success in United States. A decade ago some US business schools started accepting GRE. Today, there are 1300 business schools that accept GRE as a measure of business school success.

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