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Robotics is the new future

More students should chose Robotics as a career option
Here I have written an article 7 Benefits of hiring robots for business
Definitely, after reading this, you are going to hate me. Hold a minute, robots are never never never going to take your job. Indeed increasing use of robots in work will create new opportunities for humans.

Robots are machines that given man like interface. They have limbs of course not made up of bones and flesh.
In one statement, I can say, a robot is a programable machine.
It's a computer that can perform tasks like humans.
Now coming to main point, if all jobs will be taken by robots, where humans will work?
My answer is, now humans will work for making of robots.
With increasing use of Robotics for work, there will require more robots. For definite reasons more robot manufactures will grow to fill the demand and supply gap.
Skill manpower will be required to make, program, deliver and maintenance of robots.
It will be pretty same like there always require more teachers and schools to teach the growing kids.
When robots are going to take our seats in the industries our seats will be fixed for making of better robots.
Hence, for obvious reasons, Robotics is going to be a hot career option.


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