Shall I dropout of college

This is admission time in India. Schools, colleges, universities and everywhere discussions are going around admissions.
Getting into a college is not easy, it was never easy. My personal analysis says, majority of admission seekers lags 10% behind in minimum qualifying criteria.
Story of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani etc is very popular.
These people are college dropout but they made it big in life and career.
There is a prevailing thought among youths, if they can make it, so I can.
Definitely you can.
Dropping out of college is like leaving a train and walking distances.
These people are not failed, they are successful because they learned in few days what college teaches them over 4 years.
They didn't dropped out because they were not able to study, indeed they dropped out because they decided to learn faster.
You may argue that people like Sir Richard Branson are school dropout, school refuses to teach him. True. But wait a moment Sir Richard Branson is a teen entrepreneur, he ran a school magazine at very young age, and established virgin records at an age when other teens of his was into play.
You also can dropout if you can learn faster, can learn everyday, make failures your milestone and move fast.
If you are deciding to dropout because of less percentage of marks in last qualifying exam do it. But do not sit idle for years instead go out and find things unknown to you. Learn faster, and find a sweet thing in which you can make your career.
College is not compulsory but a medium to teach you new things and show a way for life. If you are going to drop out or do away with college find a medium of learning.
It not matter where you hang your coat, but what matter is you have a coat to hang.

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