5 keys to not fail in any examination

  1. Make a time table and stick to it. Our body releases necessary enzymes in set times to perform different tasks. You will perform better in set hours.
  2. Do not bunk classes. Attend every lecture. Even if the professor not interests you, then to be in class. How much boring a professor is but he / she always has mastery in certain topics. Wait for the D-day.
  3. Make notes in the classroom. Two reasons; 1. you will have important points handy, 2. when you write it leaves an impression in your mind. You are tend to remember better. Also when you have notes you can help a friend next day who was absent in class.
  4. Rewrite. You have short notes made from the classrooms. Rewrite a fresh copy in detail. You will remember better.
  5. Revise. We are tend to forget. That is human nature. Revise as often as you can.

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