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Why physical exercise is essential for good grades

Good grades comes from burning mid night oil. But if you are not exercising your body muscles you are not studying it well. Reason, brain is part of body, if you are eating 2 almonds a day to boost your memory but not exercising your body muscles perhaps the nutrition won't work well. Burning energy is essential to create new energy. I am not a medico or health professional but without hesitation I can say exercising works like cleansing. When you exercise, you sweat, in order body toxins washed out and create room for fresh new energy. Exercise makes you thirsty and hungry, your body absorbs nutrition well, you drink more water and you sleep much better. When your body is healthy, your brain will be healthy. And healthy brain question more? To achieve good grades you need to ask more questions? Those questions shall come from brain, and when you ask a question, you seek answer of it and then ask bigger questions. Physical exercise is not a magic bullet, but from experiences