What is a crash course and for whom

Come entrance examination time and town walls get painted with posters like Crash Course, Quick Course, Revision Course, Two Month Crash Course, 3 Month Crash Course, 10 Day Crash Course, 3 Day Crash Course blah blah blah....
This is the time when all students are serious about their future. Even those who never attended full lectures in class start thinking big, bigger and much bigger. Parents want to send you in top college of the city.
If I keep aside discrepancies in entrance examinations commonly these exams are considered as fair exams where one do not get chance to cheating and selections are based on score and rank.
Fear sales, crash courses are administered during exam time and compartively cheaper than a full time course. Therefore, its good time of the year for coaching institutes to make some good money in less time for small efforts. Coaching institutes are not wrong, it’s a business to them, student is a product.
So if there is a crash course is on offer near you let’s understand Crash Course is for whom
Its for students
  • looking for quick revision
  • to clear some doubts
  • to take some mock test under examination conditions
  • to check last minute preparation
  • to gather some additional knowledge which may be useful during exam day
Anyone can attend a crash course but primarily its for those who are already prepared. Also those students can join who are in the mid of school year studies for knowledge about entrance examinations.

This article is written keeping in view Indian K 12 students. Opinions are personal.

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