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How students can get hygienic meal

Many students starts living away from parents as soon they get enrolled for a college course or earlier. In fact at some point of time in life many lives away. Getting food is a challenge. No matter how much you spend, at 90% occasions you get two things; one, something to fill your stomach and two, free germs. Food is integral part of life and hygiene makes 50% of your meal. This is not a food blog but yes I want to keep my readers healthy. After eating street food, junk food, healthy food, fast food, premium food blah blah blah and after suffering many times over a year I observed couple things about restaurant food / take away kitchen. I suppose many of us know cooking but don't do it and often counts on food parcel or eat out. So here are some suggestions if you are hungry 1. Find restaurants in your area. 2. Check rate card. 3. Try different food joints till you find couple of them those interests your taste buds and tummy both. 4. When you visit a food joint or restauran