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Re-Take Class 12th Board

Q. I did poorly in class 12th Board Examination. Should I take one more year and retake the exam to improve my grade? With such low marks I cannot get admission to any good college. Help. Ans. First congratulations that you cleared the class 12th board exam, perhaps soon you are going to be eligible to get a driving license. I understand your disappointment, you are felling bad now in the company of friends. And you are facing unhappy parents too. You are most talked topic in relatives house. So here your popularity graph is rising but for how long, only for few days, then it will return to a normal cycle. The pain point is admission to a good college, right? But incidentally I know only about better colleges and better colleges recruit better students. Why? Because better students are better learners. And want to do better by burning out one more year for some more marks. Here before, you decide to study same curriculum again for next year, I would say Look after your mark