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Check points before you join a college

College degree comes for a price. Its tough to get a seat and pretty tougher to get a suitable seat. After going through all examination and interview process if you do not get a suitable environment environment all efforts may go waste. Before you join a college check following 1. Faculty members: You cannot go and ask directly for obvious reasons. Use a two way sword to know how much potential your would be teacher has. Meet seniors, try to mingle up. Best way is to ask a problem; stuck general conversation. For example where is library or where is that abc department. If you fail once no worry again a completely new fellow. Best students who may guide about college and faculty are college seniors. 2. Hostel: If you are supposed to live in college hostel, before you take check it out. Do not book your seat blindly. Tell the booking clerk that you want to see. Or go around hostels and stuck a conversation. If you feel good then take it. Check how many people they should accommodate

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