What you look for in a college programme

Planning to attend a college programme? Look for;
  • Whether curriculum is relevant for present market needs.
  • If the programme has international recognition
  • Is this a residential programme.
  • If admission is toughest in the town.
  • Who will guide you.
  • If college library have enough books in the subject.
  • How many research papers and or patents faculty has published.
  • Do college offer scholarships.
  • Whether college encourage students to pursue research.
  • Where you wish to go after college.
  • Where are past year students.
  • Why college was in news last year.
  • How many seminars, events, competitions etc they conduct over an year.
  • Whether exchange programme is available.
  • Internship and Job Placement options.
  • When in need or distress will you get enough help.

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