Tuesday, December 28, 2021

What you look for in a college programme

Planning to attend a college programme? Look for;
  • Whether curriculum is relevant for present market needs?
  • If the programme has international recognition?
  • Is this a residential programme?
  • If admission is toughest in the town?
  • Who will guide you?
  • If college library have enough books in the subject?
  • How many research papers and or patents faculty has published?
  • Do college offer scholarships?
  • Whether college encourage students to pursue research?
  • Where you wish to go after college? If your college programme will support you to reach your goals?
  • Where are past year students? What they are doing?
  • Why college was in the news last year(s)?
  • How many seminars, events, competitions etc. they conduct over an year?
  • Whether exchange programme is available?
  • Internship and Job Placement options?
  • When in need or distress will you get enough help?
Scanning a college programme before you truly spend money and some 4 years of time is your right and your duty towards yourself.

I am not doubting any college programmes in particular. But often students chose a programme based on mouth and word opinions or may be some ratings. Those opinions and ratings may be fully or partially correct. However, its you who are planning to study that course. Scan. Analyze. Decide.

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