Online college programme or drop a year

My results are not declared, dates are shifting, all due to Covid 19. I am uncertain when next college will begin and whether I will be able to study in group? Shall I apply for some online programme like a BSc IT or wait for a year? I am just confused ~ a user question....

Human race has seen many calamities and rise each time. Covid -19 is today out there and it will go. But academic session is truly suffering and its unbelievable but true. Also there is no certainty about next classes, next exams, next batches, everyone is just looking to get a solution to all this mess.

When you are all ready to college and such things happens, frustrations and  confusions are obvious. If you are selected for a college programme join the same. Classes will start sometime soon. Just hold patience. many institutions already has announced classes for next semester online.

But if you are still in wait and confused whether to apply for college admission or wait. Why to dropout when there are many courses available online, through distance learning and regular programmes online. 

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