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Admission at your own risk

This blog was is and never about politics. When I publish here who is education minister, what is color of Taj Mahal, when Babar ruled India or when first IIT was came into being my purpose is purely to educate and make people aware because in competitive exams students are asked such questions. I wonder why for a railway clerk exam we need to answer what is depth of sea instead of what is a broad gauge or narrow gauge line. But that is not the question and only question today. Here I publish and like to publish with full respect notifications from all institutes, colleges, schools and universities from across India and may be world. Two reasons; for doing all this I get money from advertisers and other reason I love doing it. I tell students not only exams and results but also like to tell where you will live in a new city when going to study; will you get hostel and what price or how to cook noodles and what to eat when you have only 10 bucks in pocket end of the month. I do this f

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