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Thursday, October 1, 2020

10 must acquire skills before you leave home for college

Are you reading this article? Well, now it's your turn to do One-to-One with daily routine. I am habitual and adjustable to these :)

#1. Time management: Alarm Clock is your biggest enemy till date, as someone is always there to tell you, hey, hurry up, it's time to go for football or you are running late for class. Learn Time Management. Do you know what is difference between Successful People and Less Successful? Highly successful people manage their time better, they put best efforts in available time to gain maximum output. DO NOT DO ANYTHING MORE, DO NOT DO ANYTHING LESS. Do it as much as it is required at optimal.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top Colleges in India 2015 List: CPE & CE Recognized By UGC

Every college is unique, every teaching institution has potential to make a difference to the world. Students are Brand Ambassadors to Alma Matter and faculty members are seal to that brand. For teaching of students after school India has numerous colleges located at different cities, towns and rural areas.Of these some colleges has been selected by the government body University Grants Commission (UGC) under scheme “COLLEGES WITH POTENTIAL FOR EXCELLENCE” (CPE). The UGC is highest authority for administration of higher education in India. And for this very reason I suppose these are the institutions where one must apply to study after passing higher secondary school examination. Various subjects are offered under through different faculties and departments. Following given exclusive university wise (state wise) list of all these colleges an on January 1, 2015.