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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How to plan for correspondence bachelor degree course when working a full time job

Are you working full time but looking to earn a bachelor degree? A correspondence course might be the answer for you. 
Enrollment in a correspondence course is pretty easy,  online course is also an option. However,  failure rate is very high in correspondence courses and online degree programs in India.
Often candidates join a course but either complete in very long time or leave the course midway.
Excuses can be any and many; I don't have enough time,  my job takes many hours,  my partner is more demanding,  my examiner give very less marks for answers,  you can put the blame on any for your failures.
Planning is important while trying to achieve anything so does your degree program.
Here is how to plan for a degree while working full time
1. For how many hours you are truly free after job hours? If you are not sure make a schedule and note down your free time. Observe your free time average versus work days.  You will get an average how many hours you can truly devote for the course work.
2. Speak to your employer,  HR person,  tell them,  you willing to complete a degree.  Perhaps during exam days you may need leaves. People will support you in your endeavors.
3. Check course prospectus. Every course mention how many hours you need to complete a course work.
4. Chose your subject wisely.  May be you are passionate about Mathematics but what is your level of competency.  Chose for a course in which you are truly competent.
5. Be regular,  when starting a course,  dedicate your time daily.  Regular and consistent study is the key of your success in degree.

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