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IIT JEE 2011 Exam Pattern

IIT JEE quite well famed for its pattern changing strategy on year to year basis. Here is exam pattern of IIT JEE 2011. This information is taken from different sources available on www. In IIT JEE 2011, there were 10 sets for IIT-JEE 2011 "0 to 9". The order of subjects in both papers were the same – Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics PAPER I - Total No. of questions: 69 Total marks: 240 Order of the Questions (for all the sets): Physics(23) -> Chemistry(23) -> Maths(23) Pattern of Paper-1: Q.No.1 to 7 – Single Correct Choice Type (7 questions for 21 marks). +3 for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer Q.No. 8 to 11 – Multiple Correct Choice Type (4 questions for 16 marks). +4 for correct answer with NO negatives Q.No. 12 to 16 – Paragraph Type(5 questions for 15 marks). There were 2 paragraphs- one paragraph with 2 questions and the second one with 3 questions. All questions were of Single Correct Choice Type. +3 for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer Q.No.17 to