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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

IIT JEE 2012 Important Notice Regarding Admission

Attention all candidates claiming seat allocation under different categories:

    Allotment of any seat/ offer of allotment of seat in any of the reserved categories (SC/ST/OBC (NCL) / OBC (NCL-MINORITY) is provisional and shall be confirmed only after receiving the verification reports from the concerned District Magistrates/Issuing Authorities

    In case at any stage (even after admission), it is found that the category certificate submitted by a candidate is not found valid, then the offer of admission shall automatically stand withdrawn and the candidature shall stand cancelled for all purposes and such a candidate shall not be considered for admission at all, even if he/she has a rank in the common rank list.

    In the event of such cancellation, due to submission of an invalid/false certificate, the candidate shall not be eligible to appear in any subsequent JEE on account of giving a false declaration / undertaking and for submitting a false/invalid certificate.

All candidates are advised to exercise caution at the time of submitting their category certificates and to submit the same only after ensuring their genuineness and that his / her category is included in the Central Government list of SC/ST/OBC (NCL) / OBC (NCL-MINORITY) lists. In case any candidate wishes to withdraw his / her undertaking or certificates for any reason, may do so on or before 10th June 2012 by 5pm by sending a request in writing either by e-mail or by FAX. No requests received after the aforesaid time and date shall be entertained.

Source = Official Website IIT JEE 2012 IIT Delhi

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