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JAM 2013 Test Paper Pattern

The questions for Biological Sciences (BL), Biotechnology (BT) and Computer Applications (CA) test papers will be fully objective type. There will be negative marking for wrong answers to the objective type questions in BL, BT and CA test papers. Candidates will get negative 1/3 for a wrong answer. The JAM 2013 test papers have to be answered in an Objective Response Sheet (ORS) by darkening appropriate bubbles using a black ink ball point pen. All other JAM 2013 test papers viz; CY, GP, MS, GG, MA, PH will be objective-cum-descriptive type. There will be a “question-cum-answer booklet” for each of these six test papers. Answers to various questions are to be given at appropriate places in the “question-cumanswer booklet” itself. No supplementary sheet will be provided. Each of these six test papers will have multiple choice type questions(MCQ), fill-in-blank type questions, and descriptive type questions, carrying weightages of 20%, 30% and 50%, respectively. The objective type questi

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