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JAM 2013 Syllabus Geophysics

There will be Three Sections in the Geophysics (GP)test paper, namely, Geology, Mathematics and Physics, each with a weightage of 50%. A candidate has to attempt any Two Sections. The syllabi for the Geology, Mathematics and Physics Sections of the Geophysics (GP) test paper are given below: GEOLOGY SECTION The Planet Earth: Origin of the Solar System and the Earth; Geosphere and the composition of the earth; Shape and size of the Earth; Earth-moon system; Formation of continents and oceans; dating the rocks and age of the Earth; Energy in the earth system; Volcanism and volcanic landforms; Interior of earth; Earthquakes. Earth's magnetism and gravity, Elements of plate tectonics. Geomorphology: Weathering and erosion; transportation and deposition due to wind, ice, river, sea, and resulting landforms, structurally controlled landforms. Structural Geology: Concept of stratum; Contour; Outcrop patterns; Maps and cross sections; Dip and strike; classification and origin of folds, fau

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